Blanket Boxes

Clever bedroom storage solutions that don’t require you to sacrifice on style

Blanket Boxes

Hamptons Blanket Boxes

Linen & fabric upholstered blanket boxes are a perfect fit for your French or Hamptons inspired bedroom. View our range and styles of collections online. At lavender Hill we offer clever bedroom storage solutions that don’t require you to sacrifice on style.

How To Style Hamptons Blanket Boxes

​​Linen Hamptons blanket boxes add sophistication and charm to your home décor. The natural texture of linen pairs seamlessly with the Hamptons style. To enhance the aesthetic, drape soft linen throws, and decorate with trays or Hamptons cushions for a personal touch. Embrace a coastal colour palette, incorporating shades of soft blue, sandy neutrals, pale green, and pristine white into your textiles and decor to evoke the tranquil ambiance of the beach. If you already have side tables either side of your couch, use a Hamptons blanket box as a decorative alternative. This option is the perfect way to tie your furniture together in your living room or bedroom and the best part is it can act as storage! It’s important when styling Hamptons blanket boxes to balance functionality and style, ensure the linen blanket box remains accessible but also portrays the timeless beauty of the Hamptons aesthetic. What can you do for walk-in closets where space is an issue? A natural linen blanket box will serve as seating, extra storage, and a beautiful furniture piece. Opt for white or light colours for a classic look and understated luxury feel. Sometimes, you just need something to sit on in your entrance, under a window in your living room or in a hallway. Use a plush Hamptons blanket box – as an instant decorating makeover and something functional to sit on as you’re getting ready to go outside or for when you’re removing your shoes!

What To Consider Before Buying a Hamptons Style Blanket Box

Before investing in a Hamptons-style blanket box, there are several crucial factors to contemplate to ensure that it aligns with your preferences and complements your home's decor seamlessly. Firstly, consider the size and available space within the room where you intend to place your Hamptons blanket box. You don’t want your box to get in the way or look out of place. Lavender Hill has a Styling Tips page on how to best style Hamptons spaces! It’s important to select a material and finish that harmonises with your existing decor. For a classic Hamptons look, choose a Hamptons blanket box in shades of beige or blue. Moreover, consider the functionality of the blanket box. Decide whether it will primarily serve as storage for blankets and linens or if it will have a multifunctional role, such as replacing a Hamptons coffee table or extra seating. The design you choose should align with your intended use. All our Hamptons Blanket boxes have plenty of storage available, so your options are endless. View our entire collection to find the perfect piece for your Hamptons home. Lavender Hill offers classically chic Hamptons style furniture & homewares, to give you the look of a designer planned space at an affordable price!


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