Mixing Stripes with Patterns in Hamptons Interiors

be bold and be fun ---
stripes and patterns actually work together!

There’s a misconception that you can’t be somewhat bold in Hamptons interior design. Yes, there’s a sense of coastal elegance and simplicity synonymous with Hamptons design, but there are also unique ways to vary your space, make it your own, and add visual interest.

Citrus Ticking Cushion

Floral and stripe cushions on a block coloured sofa or armchair

Select your favorite armchair and add both a pattern and striped cushion - allowing both the pattern and the stripe to shine.

Blue Striped Linen Wingback Armchair

Floral cushion on a striped armchair or sofa

Place the pattern directly onto the striped armchair or sofa blending the mix of pattern and stripes into a cohesive balanced look.

Rattan Basket - 3 Sizes

Add pattern as a decor piece in a basket next to an armchair or sofa

Break up the stripe on your sofa or armchair by adding the pattern to the decor around the room

Blue Striped Cut Linen Bedhead

Add a patterned cushion to contrast a striped bedhead

Adding a patterned cushion to a striped bedhead will balance the stripes and allow the pattern to pop as an eye catching focus.  

Combining a classic stripe with patterned cushions or a patterned rug is a great way to get this mix right

Blue Striped Linen Roll Arm Sofa - 2 Sizes Available


When you’re combining patterns, especially if you want to maintain a refined, Hamptons-inspired style, you want to strike that right balance.

Achieving this balance relies on giving your patterns breathing room. For example, if you use a pattern in an upholstered piece, you might want to simplify the cushions you use with it.

By contrast, if you’d like just a bit of mixing and matching in your patterns, you can consider doing it entirely with the cushions you add.

Navy Chinoiserie Cushion

Bloom Linen Bedhead

Floral Patterns

Florals are a popular design element in Hamptons decor.  Florals lend themselves beautifully to the Hamptons decor with  their fresh natural feel. The great thing about florals is they mix and match with solids and stripes to even out the space and balance the decor.


In Hamptons design, Chinoiserie patterns can be incorporated in various ways, from wallpaper and textiles to decorative objects and accessories such as cushions.

Chinoiserie patterns can add visual interest to a space, and it's best to use them in moderation to avoid overwhelming the design.  A good way to balance these patterns is to add them with a stripe to your decor.

Combining chinoiserie and stripes will create a unique and stylish Hamptons-inspired interior design scheme. Balance the patterns and colours to create a cohesive look that reflects your personal style.

Chinoiserie Bloom Cushion

Blue Striped Cut Linen Bedhead


A way to incorporate patterns and stripes in a cohesive way is to choose a colour scheme that ties them together. For example, you could use a soft blue and white palette with striped upholstery on a sofa or bedhead and then incorporate a coordinating floral or pattern. This creates a cohesive look while still adding interest and texture to the room.

Striped Bedheads

Striped Armchairs

Striped Sofas

Ultimately, there are no rules for designing your space, and you have to do what visually feels right for you, but in a Hamptons home, especially when you’re sticking with a fairly singular colour palette, mixing patterns is an ideal way to make sure it’s distinctive and feels curated and bespoke.

Spring Floral Bedroom Package

Striped Linen Bedroom Package

Blue Hydrangea Bedhead

Spring Floral Linen Wingback Armchair


I purchased two of these chairs. They have the most beautiful blue stripe and add a real feature to our living area 🤍

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