Integrating Elements of Hamptons and French Provincial style into your home

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Often people’s interior design style isn’t defined entirely by preferring one over another. One example of two styles that work beautifully together is the classic Hamptons style and the elegant French Provincial. 

Some of the similarities shared between the two include the relaxed sophistication, the lived in and inviting feeling they evoke, and the timeless elements of the furniture often used. They also both tend to focus primarily on neutral, with a hint of colour.

So how do you unite the two, which have so many similarities but also some differences?

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  • Textiles
  • Timber
  • Tufting

Hamptons Style

The Hamptons design style is derived from the coastal Hamptons community, which features some of the most expensive and beautifully designed homes in the U.S, and walking into one of these showpiece properties you’ll often find bespoke furnishings, open concept floorplans, and the bringing in of natural elements and inspiration that reflect the surroundings.

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Lavender Hill Interiors Oak Bobbin Armchair - Blue Striped Linen

French Provincial or French Country style

In French Provincial or French Country style, the design elements including the accessories may be less understated and more layered, and there also tends to be a more rustic direction taken. It’s about elegance that also simultaneously pays homage to country life.

Lavender Hill Interiors French Louis Chair - Blue Striped Linen with Oak Frame

Uniting the two styles


Linen is one of the primary materials you’ll find in both Hamptons and French Provincial design, and it can play a key role in bringing the two together. Linen is a fabric that’s naturally breathable and beautiful, and also gives a room with an otherwise simple aesthetic a feeling of rich texture.

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Expansive oak coffee tables and dining tables are a good way to bring together Hamptons and Provincial style. Hamptons style is intended to make you feel instantly at home when you walk into a room, and a massive wood dining table creates that sense that families have been gathering around it for generations to enjoy meals together.

This is also in-line with French Provincial style, particularly when a dining table or coffee table has more rustic design features.

Timber also works well in the flooring of either of these designs, as you’ll frequently see timber or wide planks in both.

Lavender Hill Interiors French Farmhouse Dining Table

Lavender Hill Interiors Oak Square Coffee Table.


Tufted furniture with button detailing is commonly found in Hamptons homes including bedheads, chairs, ottomans and more. Interchange natural and duck egg blue buttoned furniture to create the perfect marriage of French Provincial & Hamptons style.

Duck Egg Blue Buttoned Linen Ottoman

It’s also a definitive feature of French Provincial style. Tufted furniture feels both elegant and full of old world charm, and it also adds that sense of detail that French style so often embraces.

Duck Egg Blue Linen Buttoned Wingback Armchair

Lavender Hill Interiors Duck Egg Blue Linen and Oak Bedhead

Lavender Hill Interiors Natural Buttoned Linen and Oak Camelback Bedhead

Duck Egg Blue Cambelback Bedhead Package

Of course, this list is hardly exhaustive regarding the ways you can incorporate both of these beautiful styles into your home, but it does give you a starting point and highlight the fact that if you love both, they are not mutually exclusive.  

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