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Lavender Hill Interiors Oak 1 drawer Bedside table (50cm & 60cm width options)

Hamptons interior design typically feels crisp, tailored, and cohesively pulled together, but at the same time, the spaces that best reflect this style are livable and functional. The elements that make up your décor and home design should meet the needs of the people who live there, which means you’re likely to need storage options.

The Bedroom and the Living room as well as the entryway are the perfect places in your home to make the most of storage solutions.

1.  Storage for the Bedroom

Bedside tables are a perfect storage option for the books and bedside necessities. Bedside tables in Hamptons style typically feature clean lines, neutral colors, and natural materials like wood or rattan, which contribute to the overall aesthetic.

Lavender Hill Interiors Oak 1 drawer Bedside table (50cm & 60cm wide options)

The Chest of Drawer is essential in the Hamptons style home for storage. Ample storage is essential to keep personal items and clothing neatly organized and out of sight.

Chests of drawers provide this necessary storage while maintaining the room's aesthetic. Select a dresser or chest of drawers that embodies the Hamptons' classic style.

Look for pieces with clean lines, light finishes, and hardware that complements the overall design. Utilize the drawers to organize clothing, accessories, and other personal items.  

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Alternatively or as well as a Chest of Drawers, add a Blanket Box or Storage Ottoman to the end of the bed or anywhere in the bedroom to store spare pillows, cushions and blankets.

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2. Storage for the Living Room and Entryway

You want to keep things like extra cushions, blankets, and other items you don’t use all the time out of view. This might also include toys and similar items, but how do you do that in a way that ensures your home maintains a tidy, well-maintained feel?

Have an look at our options from Lavender Hill Interiors

Lavender Hill Interiors Storage Ottomans and Rattan Baskets 

Creative storage solutions in the living room  such as the Sideboard and Console table are a great way to boost the functionality of your home, but you can also integrate them in a way that won’t diminish your elevated Hamptons style.

Storage can coordinate, be designed to flow with the rest of a space, and even serve as a way to add pops of colour or patterns.

Oak 3 Drawer Console Table

To Wrap Up .....

Some of our favourite  storage solutions include our linen storage ottomans, which have a refined style and design and can pull double-duty as seating or at the foot of a bed.

Rattan baskets are a way to infuse natural textures with added storage and form smaller items, boxes, and decorative details that work well.

For your larger storage needs, options include the quality craftsmanship of sideboards or a chest of drawers and blanket boxes.

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