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Armchairs are an integral part of Hamptons design for many reasons. Of course, there are elements of functionality and livability. Armchairs can also be used as a way to create symmetry and separate spaces within one larger, open room.

With that in mind, we have curated a collection of gorgous Hamptons style armchairs.  All our armchair pieces at Lavender Hill Interiors have been designed for the coastal look that is so enduring in Hamptons design. Read further for inspiration for your home.

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The wingback armchair is integral to Hamptons design for its timeless elegance and comfort. Its classic silhouette adds a touch of sophistication, while the cozy, embracing wings evoke a sense of relaxation. This staple piece effortlessly blends luxury with laid-back coastal vibes, embodying the quintessential Hamptons aesthetic.

At Lavender Hill Interiors we have created beautiful patterned linens which work extreemly well on all our armchiars.  The fresh colour and botanical patterns bring a striking look to any room.  

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Color is crucial in Hamptons decor, especially for a roll armchair, as it sets the tone for the coastal theme. Soft, neutral hues like whites, blues, and sandy tones evoke a serene, beachside ambiance. These colors enhance the classic charm of the roll armchair, contributing to the light, airy, and timeless aesthetic synonymous with Hamptons style.

The Roll Armchair

The roll armchair is integral to Hamptons decor, seamlessly combining comfort and style. Its plush, rolled arms exude classic charm, creating a relaxed yet refined atmosphere. This piece harmonizes with the Hamptons' casual elegance, offering a welcoming retreat. The timeless design of the roll armchair perfectly complements the coastal aesthetic, making it an essential element for achieving authentic Hamptons style.

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The Louis Armchair

The Louis armchair is quintessential to Hampton's style decor due to its blend of classic design and coastal elegance. Its refined silhouette and timeless appeal seamlessly integrate into the breezy, relaxed atmosphere of Hampton's interiors. The chair's quality craftsmanship and neutral tones, especially in white, contribute to the overall sophistication and inviting ambiance synonymous with this coastal-inspired aesthetic.

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A few of our best sellers

Duck Egg Blue Buffalo Check Roll Armchair

Our chic new buffalo check pattern evokes a sense of timeless, coastal charm and brings the Hamptons aesthetic to life. It also lends itself to a classic farmhouse interior style.These upholstered roll armchairs are perfect for creating an inviting seating space. Available in natural linen as well as duck egg blue check, each chair also coordinates with an available footstool.

Duck Egg Blue Buffalo Check Roll Armchair - DUE MAY - ONLY 2 LEFT IN CONTAINER
Duck Egg Blue Buffalo Check Roll Armchair - DUE MAY - ONLY 2 LEFT IN CONTAINER
Duck Egg Blue Buffalo Check Roll Armchair - DUE MAY - ONLY 2 LEFT IN CONTAINER
30% OFF
Duck Egg Blue Buffalo Check Roll Armchair - DUE MAY - ONLY 2 LEFT IN CONTAINER
Duck Egg Blue Buffalo Check Roll Armchair - DUE MAY - ONLY 2 LEFT IN CONTAINER
Duck Egg Blue Buffalo Check Roll Armchair - DUE MAY - ONLY 2 LEFT IN CONTAINER

Duck Egg Blue Buffalo Check Roll Armchair - DUE MAY - ONLY 2 LEFT IN CONTAINER


Duck Egg Blue Linen Roll Armchair

The idea of comfortable elegance is conveyed with our new roll armchair in our signature shade of duck egg blue linen. The designs feature white piping trim to add to the coastal look. It’s a fresh, airy contrast between white and blue.Our duck egg blue linen roll armchair combines sophisticated lines with the classic curves of a traditional English easy chair. The quality and craftsmanship are superb. We also have co-ordinating foot stools and roll arm sofas.

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Blue Striped Linen Wingback Armchair

Our new wingback armchair features the curved lines of a classic armchair, and the crisp blue and white linen upholstery making it perfect for a Hamptons space.Stud nail head detailing round out the beauty of this lovely piece of furniture.We envision this wingback armchair in a reading nook of a bedroom, or perhaps a pair in your living room. It’s great for curling up, and it will instantly look like a piece of furniture that’s been handed down through the generations.We also sell a co-ordinating foot stool.

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French Louis Chair Blue Striped Linen with White Frame

Availability: In stockThe Louis-style armchair is one of the most enduring furniture styles available today. Throughout history, the elegant beauty of the Louis armchair has been a cornerstone of design.Our newly introduced Louis chairs in fresh blue striped linen, capture the timelessness and the iconic design of the Louis chair, but with a Hamptons-inspired twist.

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Choosing the perfect armchair is paramount in achieving the quintessential Hamptons style decor. It's not merely a functional piece but a symbol of timeless elegance that defines the coastal-inspired ambiance. The right armchair, with its classic silhouette and harmonious color palette, becomes the cornerstone of a space that exudes sophistication, comfort, and the relaxed charm synonymous with Hamptons living.

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