Wingback Armchairs & Footstools

Wingback Armchairs

Hamptons wingback armchairs embody the quintessential coastal elegance and timeless charm associated with the Hamptons style. These chairs feature a classic wingback design with high, gracefully curved backs that not only provide a sense of regality but also offer excellent support for relaxation. Typically crafted with meticulous attention to detail, Hamptons wingback chairs often showcase quality materials such as linen or cotton upholstery in soft, neutral tones that evoke a serene beachside atmosphere!

Lavender Hill Interiors makes it easy to decorate your home in the relaxed and breezy Hamptons style, and have brought together a beautiful selection of Hamptons wingback chairs for sale to browse.


How To Style a Hamptons Wingback Armchair

When styling a Hamptons wingback armchair it's important to consider whether you want your armchair to be a focal statement piece or to compliment existing aesthetics. Styling Hamptons wingback armchairs involves a thoughtful combination of classic coastal elements and a touch of sophistication. Neutral colours like our Natural Linen Chair are great for opening up a space and creating a warm atmosphere, whereas, our Bloom Linen printed chair is great for contrasting a space with statement colours and prints!

Enhance the coastal feel with nautical accents, such as striped cushions or a subtly patterned throw to tie in the details or the wingback chair. Consider complementing the wingback armchairs with a Hamptons side table or a coffee table to add a rustic touch. Complete the look with tasteful accessories like wall art, or other Hamptons decor for added comfort. The key to styling Hamptons wingback chairs is achieving a balance between timeless elegance and casual coastal vibes, creating a space that exudes both refinement and laid-back charm!


What To Consider When Buying Wingback Armchairs

Think about where you want your Hamptons armchair to go. Maybe you want a little one for a reading nook in your bedroom, or maybe you want a few to add to the seating in your living area. Depending on your space, Lavender Hill offers a selection of Hamptons-style wingback armchairs to choose from. Sizing is still another crucial factor. It's preferable to go with something smaller if your space is limited. Wingback chairs are high back and take up additional room. The idea is to open up a room, not make it feel more confined, so it's critical to take that into account.

The last thing to consider with Hamptons armchairs is maintenance. Fabric Armchairs and Linen Armchairs can often be harder to clean, therefore, if you’re buying an armchair that's for everyday use it might be better to opt for something easier to clean such as Rattan Armchairs. Wingback armchairs are more decorative and perfect for something that's for decorative uses. Lavender Hill has a range of wingback chairs for sale that can accentuate any space, place two wingback armchairs, opposite your sofa and see how it unfolds into a place for both entertaining and comfort!


Wingback Armchairs Australia Wide!

At Lavender Hill shop our wingback armchairs Australia wide to accentuate the aesthetics and furniture in your home. Each design has been created to suit whatever style, colours and textures you desire. You can either purchase individual pieces to add to your existing set or whole collection! Shop our range of Hamptons Armchairs, combining chic design, comfort and longevity.


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