Rattan Chairs

Hampton Style Rattan Chair

Rattan chairs bring a distinct touch of coastal chic to Hamptons homes, seamlessly blending comfort with an effortlessly sophisticated aesthetic. Their lightweight and airy design make them a perfect choice for creating a relaxed, beach-inspired atmosphere. The natural, earthy tones of rattan effortlessly complement the Hamptons colour palette, often characterised by whites, blues, and natural finishes. A Hamptons rattan chair is the perfect way to bring life to your living room. With a rattan chair you not only provide functionality with extra seating but can tie your aesthetics together with materials and colours.

Lavender Hill Interiors makes it easy to decorate your home in the relaxed and breezy Hamptons style, and have brought together a beautiful selection of Hamptons armchairs and dining chairs for you to browse.


How To Style Hamptons Rattan Dining Chairs

A great choice for practically any design plan is rattan. It works well in living areas where comfort is a top priority because of its coastal vibe. Interiors made of rattan have a naturally relaxing feel to them, and they look great when paired with coastal furnishings. A great foundation for incorporating rattan furnishings is a colour scheme that is neutral. If you want to design minimalist interiors with only white, beige, or grey hues, adding a variety of textures is essential to bringing the space to life. Rattan chairs create a textural contrast that feels cosy and carefree because of its natural nature. Pair your rattan dining chairs with a large oak Hamptons dining table to accentuate the natural aesthetics. Alternatively, pair rattan dining chairs with a white table for a bold contrast!

Whether you are upgrading your dining room or redesigning the whole space, choosing rattan dining chairs is a simple way to transform your dining room into a coastal retreat. Style your rattan dining chairs with one of our Hamptons cushions to add a touch of colour and elegance. This will help you to tie your space together and achieve your dream coastal look!


What To Consider When Buying a Rattan Arm Chair

Consider the space you want to put your Hamptons rattan chairs in. How much room is available? What is the style of your rattan arm chair and do you want to mix match the furniture or keep it cohesive? These questions will all help you determine the size, style and number of chairs you’ll need. Secondly, your rattan furniture's lifespan will vary depending on how it is used and whether it is kept indoors or outside. Although rattan is among the longest-lasting and most resilient materials, it will eventually wear out if improperly cared for. It's important to always make sure your rattan furniture is free of dust and stains, which can be simply removed with a soft cloth.

Your current dining room table or outdoor area should serve as inspiration when selecting your rattan arm chair set. At Lavender Hill our Hamptons dining chairs can easily accentuate the aesthetics and furniture in your home. Each design has been created to suit whatever style, colours and textures you desire. Our armchair collection includes everything from traditional wingback armchairs to decorative cross back chairs. You can either purchase individual pieces to add to your existing set or whole collection! Shop our range of rattan chairs today! Combining chic design, comfort and longevity.


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