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From classic to modern lines, seating options to give your dining space a distinctive style

Dining Chairs

Hamptons Dining Chairs

Hamptons dining chairs are the heart of every gathering in the dining room. Enhance your space by selecting Hamptons style dining chairs that not only complement your aesthetic but also offer comfort. Hamptons dining chairs that offer comfort are essential to a dining space with importance and function. They are key to several uses including, productivity, engaging conversation, endless dinner parties, or simply a place to unwind.

Lavender Hill has a Hamptons dining chair collection that is far from limited with options from simple oak pieces to upholstered dining chairs so you can create a space that blends comfort, style and practicality.

How To Style Our Hamptons Dining Chairs 

Hamptons-style dining chairs are available in a variety of sizes and designs that set the tone for your design layout. There are several options including Rattan Dining Chairs, Cross Back Chairs and Fabric Dining Chairs that can be mixed and matched for a customisable look. For classic Hamptons dining rooms, we advise pairing a long rectangle dining table with white Hamptons dining chairs or even wooden dining chairs for a traditional look. On the other hand, fabric dining chairs are the perfect way to create an elegant Hamptons look, providing your dining room with a sense of luxury and contemporary style. Rattan dining chairs not only add a coastal touch to your home but they look great in open home designs as they tie in with the outdoors.

Remember that comfort comes first, regardless of how lovely your Hamptons style dining chairs may appear to be. Dining chairs made of upholstered fabric are the top choice for comfort. Lavender Hill has a variety of colours to choose from to match them to your home. As contemporary Hamptons dining chairs are typically versatile and adaptable, you can match them with various Hamptons style tables for your desired look.

What To Consider Before Buying Hamptons Style Dining Chairs

Consider the space you want to put your Hamptons dining chairs in. How much room is available? What is the style of your Hamptons Dining Table and do you want to mix match the furniture or keep it cohesive? These questions will all help you determine the size, style and number of chairs you’ll need.

Choosing your Hamptons dining room chairs should be inspired by your existing dining room table. The dining table should easily accommodate the dining chairs while leaving space for everyone to comfortably eat at the table. Moreover, make sure that each person seated has ample room to move about. Whether it's to lower the elbows or to reach over the table. Nobody likes feeling squeezed and or cramped into a space. Additionally, choose Hamptons dining chairs that go with the style of your house and your own taste. Look for textiles, materials, or shapes that either contrast with or complement the other elements of your dining room's decor.

It's critical to pick high quality dining chairs to ensure their longevity. The right maintenance can also ensure that your dining chairs always look good. Regardless of the material you select, routine cleaning and wiping ensure a clean appearance. Remember that you want your Hamptons dining room chairs to be of high quality so they survive for many years and leave a lasting impression on your visitors.

At Lavender Hill, our Hamptons Dining Chairs and furniture are available at competitive prices. Shop our range today with everything from classic to modern lines and seating options to give your dining space a distinctive style. You either purchase individual pieces to add to your existing set or whole collection! With its' classic Hamptons design and natural colour scheme, our beautiful range of Hamptons dining chairs and tables can add classic elegance and timeless appeal to any dining area.


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