Creating Your Perfect Hamptons Bedroom

Creating Your Perfect Bedroom

Bedrooms are your very own slice of paradise where you can unwind, relax, get your much-needed rest or simply just chill out. Styling your bedroom to your liking and creating your own soothing sanctuary is important in managing this rest and harmony in your home.   

So, where exactly do you start with this monumental task? 

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Begin where styling matters most - the bed area.

High-end hotels, luxury resorts and those photos that that you swoon over on social media will most likely have one thing in common in their bedrooms - a beautiful, stylish bedhead. Why is this?  

1. Bedheads offer a flexible design backdrop
2. They offer a sense of comfort
3. They can tie in other furniture in your room such as armchairs, blanket boxes and even artwork

1. Bedheads offer a flexible interior design backdrop

Choosing the right bedhead is important. This will become the backdrop of your bedroom.

Meanwhile, the fabric can significantly influence the bedhead’s overall look and style of your room. Rattan styles give a natural elegance, while upholstered ones can feel more luxurious. Adding wood to the bedhead creates a sophisticated look.  Either style of bedhead you select will be a focal point in your room and will connect the remaining furniture and decor.

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2. Bedheads offer a sense of comfort

A bedhead, while anchoring your room will create a sense of texture and luxury. It will create warmth often found in a luxury retreat. Combinations of bold and striking, fresh and bright colours or playing it safe with mellow and neutral tones will give your space the personalised luxury it deserves. Adding patterns will bring a focus to this central point in your bedroom which when adding cushions and other soft furnishings such as throws will create not only a sense of comfort but impeccable style.

Duck Egg Blue Linen Studded bedhead styled in customer homes

Natural Linen and oak bedhead styled in customer home

Navy Linen studded bedhead styled in customer homes

Duck Egg Blue Linen Buttoned bedhead

3. Bedheads tie other furniture in your room together

Adding an armchair if space permits, will add more luxury to a bedroom and allow a further relaxation place for reading or taking some time out without using the bed.  

Styling your bedroom 

With the variety of bedheads available, choosing the perfect one can be overwhelming at first. But with these tips, you’re sure to find the one that perfectly suits your needs. At Lavender Hill Interiors, you can select from various options with the assurance of comfort, affordability, and quality. We offer plain linen to buttoned, oak framed and camelback designs  in various elegant colours and designs. We have recently added our very popular patterned Bloom linen bedhead.

1.   Choose colours and stylesthat compliment the ambiance you aiming to achieve. Dark linen bedheads are perfect for sophisticated, larger spaces. Light-coloured upholstered ones on the other hand are ideal for more smaller bedrooms as the colour helps visually open up the space.

Navy Linen and oak bedhead

Sea Mist Linen studded bedhead

2.   Always select a bed linenthat will compliment your colour chosen, not compete with it. While white is practical and easy, sometimes a pop of colour around the edge of a white linen will enhance the bedhead chosen. For example Linen And Moore White with Navy stripe Egyptian Cotton sheet set.  Available at Lavender Hill Interiors.

Linen and Moore white with Navy stripe Egyptian cotton sheet set. Also available in silver and white. Available at lavender Hill Interiors

3.   Add cushions- at Lavender Hill Interiors, we like to use 2 larger cushions in front of your sleeping pillows, then a selection of 2 smaller ones and finally a rectangle cushion in front. Colour selections will of course depend on the bedhead you have chosen. Changing a bedroom up from time to time is easy and low cost with cushions and colours being interchangeable.  

Bloom Linen Bedhead

4.   A throw will also add a sense of style and luxury to your bedroom. Casually draped over the end of the bed, or folded neatly across the bed, a throw will tie in cushions and other pieces together in your room. On those particularly cold nights a throw will never go unused!

Lavender Hill Interiors Blue Wool and Cashmere throw

Lavender Hill Interiors Natural Wool and Cashmere throw

Lavender Hill Interiors Navy Wool and Cashmere throw

5.   Artwork is another way to add your own personality and style to your bedroom. At Lavender Hill Interiors, we have a number of prints and artworks which will compliment your selected bedhead. Whether you have chosen patterned, striped, buttoned or oak framed, artwork will break up the wall space above your bedhead and create interest around the focal point in your room.

Natural Linen Buttoned Bedhead package

Think outside the usual compounds of your styling for your bedroom. This is a space that you will use daily and you need to enjoy. Create a space that you will find luxurious and calming. Work without being inhibited….no one else needs to see this space or enjoy it more than you!


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