Hamptons Wall Art

Hamptons Wall Art is the perfect way to update your interior design and home decor. The Hamptons aesthetic is known for its coastal design, whether it's paintings of the beach, boats or illustration of seaside landscapes, our Hamptons Wall Art is the perfect addition to any Hamptons style home.


How To Style Hamptons Wall Art

Styling Hamptons wall art is an integral part of achieving the coastal and laid-back ambiance that defines Hamptons decor. To seamlessly integrate wall art into your Hamptons-inspired space, consider a few key principles. Choose artwork that encapsulates the colours and aesthetics of the Hamptons design such as blues, greens and florals. The colour palette of your chosen art should mirror the Hamptons aesthetic, embracing soft and soothing shades of blues, greys, whites, and sandy beige tones. Lavender Hill has a wide range of Hamptons Wall Art that displays several types of floral arrangements, creating the perfect addition to a Hamptons style home. For the perfect balance of colour, use Hamptons Wall Art alongside similar Hamptons style decor, such as Hamptons Lamps or vases that help achieve visual balance.

For added impact, consider creating a gallery wall by artfully grouping multiple pieces. Incorporate various frame sizes and art styles to introduce visual interest and establish a captivating focal point in the room. If you prefer a more formal look, opt for symmetrical arrangements, placing identical pieces of wall art on either side of a Hamptons Sideboard or above one of our Hamptons Bedhead to achieve balance and visual harmony. Larger statement pieces can also be an excellent choice that captivate attention and set the tone for the space. Our pieces have all been created by Felicia Aroney, one of Australia's foremost contemporary artists and will look great in any space. The best thing about styling Hamptons Wall Art is that there is so much freedom, pairing it with whatever furniture you desire. You can’t go wrong!


What To Consider When Buying Hamptons Wall Art

When buying Hamptons Style Wall Art there are two crucial factors to consider, size and lighting. The balance and overall aesthetics can be dramatically influenced by selecting wall art that is too big or too small. Oversized Hamptons wall art can look great as focal pieces in bigger spaces and can be a great way to tie the colour and existing furniture together. On the other hand, choosing smaller to medium-sized artworks in smaller homes ensures that you don’t overcrowd or overwhelm your space, after all the Hamptons aesthetic is open and airy. Size considerations are essential in creating a harmonious and visually appealing Hamptons space, whether it's a large floral print or a collection of our smaller sizes organised across your space. Lighting is another important factor when it comes to art. Place your artwork in lighting that will compliment your work like near a window or in a bright open living room. Our Hamptons wall art collection is beautifully designed and should be displayed accordingly.

Create the foundation and focal point of a Hamptons home with our Hamptons style Wall Art. You’ll find a beautiful selection of floral prints by Felicia Aroney that will look beautifully in any home. Acting as both your interior designer and online store, Lavender Hill are the ideal solution for anyone looking to restyle their living spaces. Transforming your Hamptons home has never been easier!


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