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Occasional Furniture Pieces and How You Can Make Them Work in a Hamptons Home

Bloom linen Wingback Armchair and matching Footstool, sstyled with Oak round side table wiht shelf and Duck Egg Blue Ceramic Lamp.  Also our Blue Wool and Cashmere throw is includfed in the styling

The Hamptons style is an ever popular interior design aesthetic that originated from the luxurious seaside homes in the Hamptons.

This style is characterized by a blend of coastal, classic, and sophisticated elements, creating a timeless and elegant look.

At Lavender Hill Interiors, we love to style and adding an occasional chair to the living room, bedroom or entryway is a perfect solution to break up a space in a wall or corner or even to introduce a dimension of pattern in a colour blocked area.
Occasional chairs and carefully selected pieces of furniture play a significant role in achieving the Hamptons style for several reasons: pariatur.

6 ways to achieve the Hamptons look with an occasional chair

~ Choose comfort and relaxation
~ Layer to create an inviting space
~ Be versatile in your design choices
~ Pay attention to detail
~ Use a soft colour pallet
~ Ensure your look is coordinated and cohesive

1. Comfort and Relaxation

Occasional chairs are designed to be comfortable and inviting. In a Hamptons-style home, comfort is key, as this style often emphasizes a relaxed and laid-back atmosphere. Plush, cushioned chairs provide a cozy spot for relaxation, reading, or enjoying a leisurely conversation.

DEB Roll armchair.png__PID:2bd81337-2524-459e-8106-689d1c157684

Duck Egg Blue Linen Roll Armchair

striped roll armchair.png__PID:66da76d3-3bfc-445a-a4b7-1fa30a3caa9c

Blue Striped Linen Roll Armchair

2.  Create Layering  for Inviting Spaces

Hamptons interiors are known for their layered and inviting spaces. Incorporating occasional chairs and furniture pieces allows for the creation of cozy nooks and seating arrangements that contribute to the overall warmth of the home. These chairs add visual interest and a sense of completeness to the room.  As well as using the occasional chair in a corner or by itself, incorporate it with other pieces of furniture such as a console table or marry it with the bedhead in your bedroom. These are great layering ideas.

Lavender Hill Interiors Storage Ottomans - a perfect occasional piece to be used for storage, seating, decoration and filling that unusable 'spot' in your home.  See here how they can be used in a stunning and cohesive way in the living room, under a console table or at the end of the bed.

Blue stripe seat 2.jpg__PID:a4e93277-5b5f-4e58-b4b6-527b3779aa79

Striped Linen Storage Ottoman

3.  Versitality and Design

Occasional chairs come in various designs, allowing you to choose pieces that complement the Hamptons style. Whether it's a classic wingback chair, a patterned armchair, a rattan or Bobbin chair, the versatility of occasional chairs enables you to customise while maintaining the overall aesthetic.

Duck Egg Blue Linen Wingback Armchair

Duck Egg Blue buffalo check foot stool for roll armchair.jpg__PID:6406976d-86ea-4a93-a57a-065e6768be5c

Duck Egg Blue Linen Buffalo Check Linen Roll Armchair with matching Foot Stool

4.  Attention to Detail

Hamptons style is characterized by attention to detail and a focus on quality craftsmanship. Occasional chairs, when chosen thoughtfully, can serve as statement pieces that showcase the style's commitment to refined details.

DEB linen buttoned armchair with footstool.png__PID:fe3597b3-1032-4814-bd1c-1461f465a36e

Duck Egg Blue Linen Buttoned Armchair

5.  Using a soft Colour Pallet

The Hamptons style often features a soft and neutral color palette with a combination of whites, creams, and muted blues such as our very own Lavender Hill Interiors Duck Egg Blue. Occasional chairs provide an opportunity to introduce subtle patterns or textures that add visual interest without overpowering the serene color scheme. We have our beautiful floral patterns such as Bloom and Blue Hydrangea that work in beautifully with a colour pallet to bring the outdoors in which is an important element in the Hamptons home.

Blue Hydrangea wingback & Footstool.jpg__PID:f2a4e932-775b-4fde-9874-b6527b3779aa

Blue Hydrangea Linen Wingback Armchair and matching Foot Stool

Duck Egg Blue buffalo check wingback armchair.jpg__PID:86eafa93-257a-465e-a768-be5ca3e5aca7

Blue Buffalo Check Wingback Armchair

6.  Use a Coordinated and Cohesive Look

Hamptons-style homes aim for a coordinated and cohesive look. Occasional chairs can be selected to complement the larger furniture pieces and contribute to the overall design harmony. This attention to coordination enhances the sophisticated and curated appearance of the interior.

Blue Striped Linen Storage Ottomans

Blue Striped Linen Wingback Armchair

In summary, occasional chairs and carefully chosen furniture pieces play a crucial role in achieving the Hamptons style by providing comfort, contributing to a layered and inviting atmosphere, showcasing attention to detail, and allowing for customization within the established design principles of this timeless aesthetic. Stay tuned, our next blog will be on the gorgeous armchairs that we offer at Lavender Hill Interiors and how to select your perfect one. In the meantime, have a look at the range we have for selection now by connecting to the website.


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