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Welcoming Spring from your window seat with some styling from Lavender Hill Interiors

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As we get ready for spring and all the natural beauty and new beginnings it brings, we felt like it was the best time to talk about styling one of our favorite features in a home—window seats.

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They always fit perfectly in a Hampton-style home because it’s an aesthetic that emphasizes the seamless connection between the indoors and the outdoors. 

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Whether you already have a window seat or a project you’re considering tackling, these are cosy little places where you can go to read, nap, daydream, or have a cup of tea.

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Window seats also present an opportunity to showcase some of your favourite design elements. 

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So, what's the most important design feature for a dreamy window seat? 

Make sure it’s a comfy space that allows you to sink in and forget the world around you. That means adding layers of cushions to these nooks, where the sun and natural light flood in. 

There are so many options to combine cushions for a window seat. You can keep it simple with solid colours, or use a single pattern, such as stripes or a floral. You can also combine various patterns for an eclectic outcome. Don’t forget to add a throw blanket as well, for an extra bit of inviting warmth and layers. 

Solid colour cushions

Floral cushions

Striped cushions


Whether you’re searching for blue and white stripes, elegant florals, or neutral pillows, we encourage you to browse our collections.

Navy Cushions

Natural cushions 

Chinoiserie cushions

Red cushions

Blue, navy, natural, and even green, pink and red cushions are available. Our patterns include chinoiserie, checkered, and solid colours, of course, and we have a range of sizes so that you can vary your window seat styling in this way as well. 

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Have a look at our suggested collections for your window seat styling

Image from @mumlittleloves - Lavender Hill Interiors cushion collections

Bemboka throw - Lavender Hill Interiors

Decor Pieces - Lavender Hill Interiors


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