Sitting Down with young Melbourne Blogger and Interior Designer Chris Carroll

Chris Carroll is a Melbourne transplant originally from Sydney, and along the way he brought with him a love for all things interior design. Chris started out blogging, which was a natural fit based on his love and passion for design, as well as his background in journalism and copywriting. He poured everything into his blog, but during that time realized how much he’d also like to start working with clients.

Chris started studying interior design around the same time as he started his popular blog, and he found his stride upon moving to Melbourne. Much like his blog, Chris centres his design style on affordability, accessibility and a style that’s effortless and fun. He felt like he saw a gap existed in the design world in these areas, which is a big part of what inspires his work both online and with his clients.

Chris also found that many of his clients were seeking out Hamptons and Coastal-inspired aesthetics, so much of his work focuses on those concepts. We had the opportunity to talk with Chris and learn a bit more about his work, his influences and what he loves both professionally and personally. 

1. When did you first decide to become an interior designer and how did you get started with your design business?

I've been in the biz about six years. I studied at the same time I started my interior design blog, so I worked on the two side-by-side from 2012 onward. The blog dominated my life but I eventually got the itch to put all that design knowledge into practice.
The design side of the business really kicked off about three years ago when I moved to Melbourne. The landscape down here is much different to the one in Sydney and I've found a lot more clients needing design help, which has been amazing. I get to flex that muscle as well as the writing, and loads of different opportunities have come from doing both blog and styling at the same time.

2. What inspired you to start blogging?

I studied journalism many moons ago and worked as a copywriter for a long time, so the writing side of things was already there. I always had an absolute obsession with design and decorating, so I decided to start blogging about all of the things I loved about interiors, and where I was shopping for them. And it all kinda grew from there.
I also found there was a gap in the market for real design. So many design blogs are too high end for my taste. I'm all about the attainable, and I've found my clients and readers really respond to that.

3. Is there an interior design style you favour and do you have your own design aesthetic?

I found myself meeting the market; a lot of my design clients were after Hamptons, Coastal or Scandi aesthetics and so the look and feel of my brand followed that light and bright vibe. My own home is quite a mix of contemporary aesthetics, with a black, white and grey base. It's punctuated with muddy blues and greens. I always gravitate toward cooler colours in my accessories - for my home and my clients.

4. Who are other interior designers you admire?

I love the stuff NYC designer Genevieve Gorder produces. It's never one distinct style, but a blend of so many aesthetics. It's really well-balanced. A mix of new and old, high end meets cheap-and-cheerful, and always something outta the box.

5. What inspires you?

I spend a lot of time in display homes as a presenter for Metricon Homes. I host videos for their YouTube channel; interviewing their interior designers and taking viewers on tours of their homes. So those spaces inspire me greatly. I get so many ideas for my own interior design clients from their interiors. 


6. What do you love most about blogging?

I genuinely love making decorating easy for readers, breaking it down and removing a lot of the fear for them. My design mantra is all about "easy, fun and affordable", so that's the ethos the blog operates under and I love it when readers email me saying "Now I get it", or "You've helped me make sense of it all". I also love making it fun. Why does design have to be so serious? I consider myself a decorating junkie and my readers are too, so we celebrate the crazy things we buy or do when it comes to our homes, because why shouldn't it be fun and games?

7. What do you think is the essential piece of furniture we should all have in our bedroom?

If nothing else, have a great mattress. That sounds so practical and boring, but it's truly the one piece that'll make or break your sleep. From a purely visual perspective, wallpaper! For the love of God can people please use wallpaper more? It honestly is the last layer in taking a room from OK to amazing. Everyone should try it.


8. What key element do we all need for a chic living room?

For a living room to feel chic it all comes down to material choices. When I think of sophistication it's all about materials like marble, velvet, organic linens. Oh, and a beautiful thick rug - ideally with a bold pattern on it.
How active are you on a weekly basis? How often do you communicate with your followers?
Oh, every day! You gotta be in this day and age. I post about three or four blog posts a week, but am on Instagram and Facebook a few times a day talking to readers. I also have a closed Facebook group where the VIP members mingle and I help them out with their decorating choices. It's good fun!



If you keep an eye out,you’re very likely to see more of Chris Carroll. For example, he hosts various home tours on the Metricon Homes YouTube channel, as well as designer interviews. Chris maintains an active social media presence, and continues building his blog as well as working with his clients. Chris is an excellent reminder that not all gorgeous interiors have to be extraordinarily expensive or out-of-reach for the majority of people.


Let's get personal .....

1. What else are you passionate about besides your work?  I wish there was something else outside of work. Interiors consume my every waking moment.

2. What is your most treasured belonging?  My two cats. Even when they do scratch at my bedroom door at 6am!

3. What's one thing people may not know about you?  I spend more time working in my pyjamas than I'd care to admit ;)

4. In 10 years I'd like to be ...  A few more employees on-board for the design side of the business, and ideally me on TV hosting a show about affordable room makeovers.

5. What can't you live without?  My phone, which is sad, but so much of my business is dependant on being on that little device 24/7!






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