Sitting Down with Petr Houf, SEO of Luxury Brand Bemboka

Bemboka is a company known for stunning luxury linens, throws, and blankets. Bemboka blankets are made of Angora and Merino wool, the company features Turkish cotton bath towels, and there are lightweight bamboo blankets, among other high-end items. The Bemboka company has a few primary goals which are to deliver luxury, durability, and quality.

Bemboka items are found in some of the world’s top resorts and hotels, such as 1 Hotels South Beach, Miami, the Intercontinental Wellington, New Zealand, and the Alex Hotel, Perth.

We recently had the opportunity to speak with the owner of Bemboka Petr Houf and learn more about the company, the vision, and the products.



What is the philosophy behind the successful Bemboka brand?
Bemboka products are synonymous with luxury, quality, and style. We want our customers to be able to create a standout bedroom arrangement that matches their unique tastes. We can create bespoke products that can satisfy even the most demanding clients. Bemboka blankets are featured in the world’s leading hotels and resorts – a testament to their enduring quality, durability and timeless designs.


How did you decide on the name Bemboka?
Bemboka is a place on the South Coast region of New South Wales where we originally sourced our wool for manufacturing. The Aboriginal meaning of the name Bemboka (originally Benbooka) is thought to be "High Peak."

What is your favourite part of your job and what is the most challenging?
With Bemboka luxury goods, you can enjoy the finer things in life while in the comfort of your own home. I love seeing the brand grow and gain international recognition. That is the ultimate goal; we want the brand to be recognised as a luxury brand that sets the standard for enduring quality. The most challenging thing is competing with other brands that claim to be quality brands and use false advertising to present their products.

What inspires you?
We’ve built the Bemboka brand around three essentials: luxury, quality, and durability. This passion for on-trend bedroom and bathroom products has seen us travel the world to create statement pieces for those who enjoy a taste for the finer things. We want you to be certain that with Bemboka, you always know you are getting best-in-class.

Do you have a particular design aesthetic that you follow?
We follow a simple modern look which feels sophisticated for years to come. We only produce timeless Australian-designed pieces that are suitable for any home.

Any exciting developments for Bemboka in the near future?
We have just introduced a gorgeous contemporary collection of of "marl" cotton throws and "marl" Belgian linen sheets. Each is beautifully crafted in the standard Bemboka has become known for around the world.



Take your time and have a browse through Bemboka's range of luxurious throws, blankets, sheets and towels.



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