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5 Tips to Selecting Your Perfect Size Dining Table

Lavender Hill Interiors - French Farmhouse dining table.

You’ll want to start by measuring your dining room. Measure the space around your table, and plan to have at least 107cm -122 cm of clearance so your guests can get up from their seats. If you have any other furniture in the space, start your measurements from there for clearance.

For some people, a good rule of thumb is to have around 1 metre of clearance around a table. Choosing a table that’s too large for your space will feel cluttered and overwhelming. 

1. Consider Your Space

Customer Photo - @life_with_libby12
French Farmhouse dining table 

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2. Make Sure You Aren’t Going to Overcrowd Your Table

You want to think about how many people you might typically regularly have and choose a table where their elbows aren’t going to be touching while they’re seated and eating. 

Lavender Hill Interiors has various size tables.  Our 2 metre dining tables will comfortably seats 6 with 2 chairs either side and one at each end.

Our 2.4 metre dining tables, we suggest that 8 chairs fit comfortably.  3 chairs along the sides and 1 at each end.

We have a 2.6m and 3m French Farmhouse Parquetry dining table, also a 3m French Farmhouse and Hamptons style dining table.
These larger tables comfortably seat 10.  However, as the table is wider we often suggest 12 chairs for the occasion when you are entertaining large numbers.  Comfortably seating 4 along each side and 2 chairs are placed at each end.

French Farmhouse dining table   and   Cross Back dining chairs

Our 1.2m Round Hamptons dining table seats 6 dining chairswithout crowding and comfortably seated. 

And our 1.5m Round Hamptons table can seat 8 chairs very comfortably.

Cool oak Round Hamptons dining table


3. Choosing Your Shape

A round shape is cosy and classic if you typically just have a few people at your dining table. If you regularly have larger gatherings, a rectangular table can be easier because an extremely large dining table makes it hard to reach food that is in the center. 

Rectangular tables work well in long and narrow rooms, leaving more space for traffic flow.

With most rectangular tables, the width will increase as the length does. 

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Hamptons dining table

If you have a small space that you’re working with, a round table is excellent. You can fit them into spaces like breakfast nooks and in-kitchen dining areas, where you wouldn’t otherwise be able to include a larger table.

Some other things to think of as you choose your shape include that a square or circular table can work well in a square room, but it might feel a bit awkward in a rectangular room.

Rectangular and oval tables are nice for rectangular rooms but may feel more awkward in a square space. 

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Hamptons dining table

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4. Create a Mock-Up

If you have a list of tables and chairs that you love but are unsure if they’ll work in the space, do a mock-up.

You can measure the tabletop on the floor using tape or even magazines. You can add a chair to the area as it would be, and you can then sit down, walk around and get a feel for what the interaction between the room and table will be like. 

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5. Choose a Timeless Colour/Finish.

A classic timber dining table is always a good idea and will work in almost any space.

A solid oak table, for example, is always one of our favourites for a Hamptons style home. An oak dining table will often have uniquely beautiful variations because of the timber and will work in a transitional or traditional space. 

Hamptons style Homes via Pinterest

Lavender Hill Interiors Round Hamptons dining table with white Cross Back dining chairs

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What our customers are saying

Leanne, Point Lonsdale VIC
Parquetry Dining Table

Absolutely love my new furniture. Good quality, well made. Looks amazing. Lavender Hill’s customer service was excellent.

They were so helpful and transparent. Received regular updates via email regarding stock arrival times, dispatch and delivery. Even the delivery driver was polite and friendly and very careful when handling the furniture. Will definitely order from this company again.

Leanne, Hunter Valley NSW @hamptonsonholdaway
Hamptons Dining Table

Here she is in all her glory! 💖✨💖 I’m so in love with my new @lavender_hill_interiors Hamptons dining table! Everything about her has exceeded my expectations particularly as I ordered online; sight unseen!

The quality and colour is absolutely amazing! This table comes in 3 sizes and after a whole lot of procrastinating I went with the largest table being 3 metres which easily seats 10 and could also comfortably seat 12 if needed. At this time I ordered 10 chairs but plan to purchase 2 cane carvers to go at either end when required. I’ll share my other beautiful purchases from @lavender_hill_interiors really soon so stay tuned! x 🤍 . . . 

Libby, Bellarine Peninsula, VIC @life_with_libby12
French Farmhouse Dining table

Finally, after waiting 6 long weeks (thanks Covid) we have our beautiful dining chairs to match our new table from lavender_hill_interiors . So worth the wait.

They compliment this space perfectly, and I couldn’t be happier. I just need to find the right rug now, trust me, I’ve been looking but not having much luck. Everyone has Covid delays with no stock available 😕 


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