French Style

The French-inspired interior design style is an aesthetic that is enduring, and certainly not a fleeting trend. There’s something inherently timeless in the colours, furnishings and overall elements that are representative of French style.


In general, French style always feels chic and elegant, but at the same time, it’s not overdone or unlivable. The spaces feel as if they’re welcoming and they could have been part of a home for generations. French interior design style strikes that ideal balance between intricate details and high-end style, with casual effortlessness.

In French style, there’s an appreciation for both the old and new. There’s also a willingness to embrace the imperfections that might be found in certain pieces of furniture, and that’s what helps it feel lived in and comfortable.

In French country style, there are hints of the rustic, and the colour palettes are often warm neutrals and cooler pops of blue. Other colours you’ll frequently see in French country and provincial style are taupes, soft grays, and ivory. French country style uses natural materials like carved wood, linen, and wool.

While French style is decidedly unfussy and unpretentious, there is an appreciation for the details and the finer elements of furniture and accessories.



In a bedroom, French style could include an upholstered, tufted bedhead paired with soft, simple linens. Linen upholstered benches with carved wooden legs make a beautiful addition to a French bedroom.

Decorative details of French bedroom furnishings often include curved lines and fabrics that feel luxurious.



In dining areas, the table becomes a focal point. Expansive wooden tables feel like they’re welcoming everyone to share a family meal, and there is a rustic sensibility and an appreciation for the natural imperfections of the wood.




The heart of French provincial decorating is the distinct look of furniture used to create that laid-back country feel. White-washed surfaces with distressed textures deliver the ideal balance of shabby and chic in this interior styling theme.

Inspired by the idea of old-world beauty and time-defying tradition, French provincial decorating welcomes the look of deep wooden grooves, fading paint, and even a slight chip here and there on ceramic accents. You can achieve the charming look of Provencal homes in your living room by choosing a centre table and sofa that gives off that French country vibe effortlessly. Those with cabriole legs or graceful scalloped curves will enhance the quiet sophistication you are going for. 


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