Cross Back Dining Chairs

Styling cross back dining chairs is a great way to enhance the look and feel of your dining space. These chairs, characterised by their distinctive shaped backs, have gained popularity for their rustic, farmhouse-inspired design. Whether you have a farmhouse-style dining room or a Hamptons coastal design these chairs help create an inviting and harmonious dining area. Choose dining chairs in the Hamptons style that not only go well with your decor but are also comfortable to use. Comfortable Hamptons dining chairs are essential for a variety of purposes, such as work efficiency, stimulating conversation, endless dinner parties, or just relaxing.


How To Style Crossback Chairs

Start by selecting the right colour for your cross back dining chairs. These chairs often come in natural wood finishes, which can work well in farmhouse and rustic settings. Pair it with our farmhouse dining tables for a cohesive dining room look! The modern farmhouse style has many benefits when it comes to dining room decor. It has a fusion of antique and contemporary design elements, organic materials, and subdued colour palettes. The goal is to design a space that is both sophisticated and cosy. By combining modern highlights with classic farmhouse elements, you can create a dining area that will look great for many years to come. Pieces in this selection of crossback chairs are crafted using the highest-quality materials and attention-to-detail for a beautiful, Hamptons look.


White Cross Back Chairs

If you prefer a more modern design, consider buying white cross back chairs. White is perfect for creating a Hamptons interior design while still keeping a minimalist and traditional appearance. Combining chairs in different finishes, colours, or styles can create a unique and personalised dining area. Just ensure that the mix is intentional and cohesive, maintaining a sense of balance and unity in the design. Lavender Hill also offers a range of Hamptons dining room furniture that can pair perfectly with these unique pieces.


What To Consider When Buying Cross Back Chairs

Think about the area where you intend to place your crossback dining chairs. What is the available space? What kind of Hamptons dining table do you have? Do you want to match everything or keep it all the same? You can decide on the size, style, and quantity of chairs you'll need by answering these questions.

Your choice of dining table plays a crucial role in styling cross back chairs. A farmhouse or rustic dining table complements the chairs, creating a harmonious and inviting atmosphere. However, you can also pair the chairs with a modern white dining table for a striking contrast that combines traditional and contemporary elements. Your dining table should easily accommodate the dining chairs while leaving space for everyone to comfortably eat at the table. Moreover, make sure that each person seated has ample room to move about.

Lastly, ensure your cross back dining chairs go with the style of your house and your own taste. Look for textiles, materials, or shapes that either contrast with or complement the other elements of your dining room's decor. At Lavender Hill we have a variety of Hamptons decor including rugs, vases or ornaments that can complement your Hamptons furniture. If you’d like to browse more Hamptons style dining chairs visit our dining chairs page.

At Lavender Hill, our crossback chairs are available at competitive prices. Shop our range today with everything from classic to seating options to give your dining space a distinctive style. You can either purchase individual pieces to add to your existing set or whole collection!


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