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Hamptons Style Mirrors

Any area in your house can be made more luminous by the addition of a stylish wall mirror. Lavender Hill's Hamptons mirrors are ideal whether you need them for your bathroom, living room, or bedroom. Our Hamptons style mirrors are chic and classy and will perfectly match any decor. The attractiveness of a Hamptons mirror is in its simplicity and uniqueness. It ties in with your Hamptons decor and improves the elegance and cosiness of your area. At Lavender Hill, we think a mirror should serve as the centrepiece of your living space.

How To Style a Hamptons Mirror

When styling a Hamptons mirror, it's important to choose the right location. Look for a prominent wall space that allows the mirror to become a focal point in the room. Entryways, above a Hamptons sideboard or in living rooms and bedrooms are ideal areas to showcase a Hamptons mirror. Consider the frame of the mirror, which typically features a white or neutral colour. The clean lines and simple design of the frame complement the coastal aesthetic of the Hamptons style. Consider the size and proportion of your Hamptons mirror in relation to your other Hamptons furniture. While a smaller mirror might provide a delicate touch, a larger one can make a statement. Place the mirror horizontally in the middle of a Hamptons console table or dresser, leaving enough space above and below for a unified appearance. These tips will help you elegantly design a Hamptons mirror to improve the overall look of your room.

When styling a Hamptons mirror, keep things simple. Don't overdo the decor surrounding the mirror, allow its elegance and simplicity to show. For a modern and classic appearance, keeping the area tidy and uncluttered as a Hamptons style mirror is a statement piece on its own. A Hamptons style mirror often has white or neutral coloured frames. Choose frames with simple designs and clean lines that go well with the coastal style. The colour of the frame should compliment or match the decor in the area. One technique that is used in a range of Hamptons homes is placing the mirror in front of a window to reflect natural light and provide the appearance of a bigger, brighter space.

What to Consider Before Buying a Hamptons Style Mirror

Before buying a Hamptons mirror its important to consider the functionality and aesthetics of the decor. Consider whether your Hamptons mirror compliments your existing decor, it should tie in with your colours, materials and overall ambiance of your room or provide a contrasting statement. This will ensure your space is consistent and cohesive in terms of furnishings and decor. Additionally, it's important to consider the size of your mirror, different size mirrors provide different purposes, ensure the mirror fits proportionally.

Functionality is also important when purchasing a Hamptons mirror, even if its just for decoration you don’t want your mirror to seem completely useless. Placing it in an entryway or in your Hamptons living room will ensure it is placed in a position that allows it to be useful for both aesthetic appeal and practical use. Its important to set a budget for your Hamptons decor, depending on the size and quality mirrors can range in price. Deciding on a price will narrow your options and help you decide. Lastly, it's important to trust your personal taste. A Hamptons mirror can completely elevate your space, browse our various designs and options to create a space that works for you. If you have a Hamptons style home and are looking for the perfect way to spice things up, Hamptons mirrors make your home look complete, elegant and stylish that is sure to enhance your space. You can shop our Hamptons style mirrors, Australia wide, to bring a touch of coastal elegance to your space. At Lavender Hill we bring Beautiful quatrefoil designs reflected anywhere in your home.


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