Storage and chic style come together in our oak and white sideboards


Hamptons Sideboards

Lavender Hill’s Hamptons-style sideboard is the ideal complement to any area. Our uniquely designed Hamptons sideboard is built to last combining skilled craftsmanship with sustainably sourced wood. It provides a unique look to any room giving you extra storage space and room to display your other Hamptons decor.

Our Hamptons sideboard is the ideal option to accentuate your space because of its understated, subtle beauty. Your dining area, hallway, or bedroom can be enhanced by incorporating our Hamptons sideboards. Their coastal style and hardwood finish contribute to a cosy, inviting ambience that is reminiscent of the calm seaside of the Hamptons. Lavender Hill offers a carefully curated selection of stylish and practical sideboards in the Hamptons style to enhance your living space.

How To Style Your Hamptons Sideboards

You must select furniture that is both stylish and multifunctional if you want a living space to come to life. A Hamptons sideboard is a great addition to your space to tie your Hamptons Living Room or Dining Space together. Choose a White Sideboard to provide a stylish statement feature that opens up your space. Blue and white Hamptons decor will tie in beautifully with this furniture piece and is perfect for a modern home. On the other hand, Oak Sideboards work best in softer living spaces or bedrooms, with the hardwood oak tying in with existing furnishings.

Despite having a classic, sophisticated appearance, the wood accents and sleek panelling give the room a simple, classic aesthetic that is timeless. The best thing about Hamptons style sideboards is that they are not just aesthetically pleasing but also functional. The six deep drawers and cupboards allow you to store all your personal items hidden or your decorative pieces such as vases, lamps or mirrors showcased along the top.

There are several benefits to adding a Hamptons sideboard in your Hamptons home. The most common setting for a Hamptons sideboard is the hallway. With fresh flowers, a mirror, and other small belongings, it welcomes you and your guests in elegance. Alternatively, a Hamptons sideboard can be a multipurpose focal point in your living space. In an open living plan, a sleek wood sideboard can work effectively as a divide between the living, dining, and kitchen rooms.

What To Consider Before Buying a Hamptons Sideboard

The design of your existing Hamptons home and furnishings as well as space will influence your choice of sideboard. An Oak Sideboard will complement contemporary decor adding a soft elegant touch to your space. On the other hand, a White Sideboard is the perfect finishing touch to a typical Hamptons home. Pairing your Hamptons sideboard with existing furniture will ensure a cohesive coastal aesthetic throughout your home. It's important to consider not only the colour but how you will style it, use it as a base to piece together some of your favourite Hamptons decor whether it be flowers, books or ornaments. Size is another important thing to consider, a Hamptons sideboard is a bigger piece of furniture and can take up alot of space, if you only have a small area to utilise consider a smaller storage alternative such as Hamptons Side Tables.

Whatever your desired space looks like, Hamptons sideboards are the perfect aesthetic and functional solution. At Lavender Hill, our Hamptons oak and white sideboards are the perfect combination of storage and chic style. At Lavender Hill our Hamptons Sideboards are available at affordable prices, so you can get the look of a designer planned home quick and easy. Your living area isn’t complete without our Hamptons Sideboards, shop our range today to invest in small-space designs with a big impact! You can either purchase individual pieces to add to your existing set, or a whole collection for an easy and complete decorating solution. Combining space and function these Hamptons pieces are essential to beautiful timeless additions to your home.


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