3 Ways to Style One of a Kind Hand Made Malawi Chairs

White Malawi Chairs from Lavender Hill

Malawi chairs are undoubtedly one of the chicest style of chairs you can add to your home. They’re versatile, and each chair is hand-crafted, so it has unique, one-of-a-kind design elements. It’s so rare to find something with distinctive, handmade features amongst a lot of the cookie cutter style furniture on the market.

Malawi chairs have a sense of bohemian chic elegance that can work well in pretty much any design aesthetic, including Hamptons and coastal design. They’re made from natural materials, they boast a sturdy design, and they have a unique curved back and arms, so they’re comfortable and functional as well.

Here are 3 of our favorite ways to style Malawi chairs, or to use them in your home design.

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1. Create a Seating Area

Sometimes you want the function of club chairs, but you don’t want a really heavy look and feel. Malawi chairs can be perfect to create an airy seating area or reading nook. You can get the comfort of the curved back, but they’re not an overwhelming silhouette. You can add a cushion and throw blanket to make them even more inviting. They also bring a natural look into a space.

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Images via Pinterest 

White Malawi chair from Lavender Hill Interiors


2. Dining Chairs

There are so many ways to incorporate Malawi chairs into a dining room arrangement. First, you can use two at the head of either side of the table, much like you would use a club chair or upholstered seat. You can also use them for every dining seat around an expansive table. You can keep with the more rustic elegance of the woven chairs by using a wooden slab table, or you can go for a sleek, modern table for contrast. A dark-coloured Malawi chair also works well with a lighter dining table.



Natural Malawi chair from Lavender Hill Interiors


3. Outdoor Living Area

Everyone loves an outdoor living area, and Malawi chairs can be perfect for that purpose. You can create a seating arrangement around a coffee table, or you can pair them opposite an outdoor sofa. They also work well as seating with an outdoor dining table.

They have the style and comfort of indoor furniture, but the versatility of something that can be used outdoors. Add cushions for a pop of colour against the natural beauty of the woven wicker. 


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