14 of the Most Beautiful Kitchens & Bathrooms by Leading Australian Interior Designers

We are fortunate to have the opportunity to sit down and talk to some of Australia's leading interior designers. And have put together a blog post showing you some of our favourite kitchen and bathroom inspiration from these designers that influence us here at Lavender Hill. 

Bathrooms and kitchens are some of the most impactful parts of any home, but also the most functional. We love covering the different ways these spaces are designed. For example, Lisa Burdus created a bathroom with a dark, dramatic colour palette and beautifully detailed floor tiles. Another bathroom concept from Marylou Sobel features an elegant neutral scheme and wonderful linens like plush luxury bath towels and linen hand towels.

In a kitchen designed by Lynda Kerry, the overall aesthetic was simple and fresh, but the addition of blue and white ceramic pieces added traditional elegance. It was so enjoyable to go through these inspirational photos and see the amazing work of these extraordinarily talented and respected designers. 

Take a look at 14 of the most beautiful kitchens and bathrooms from leading Australian interior designers.


Designed by Marco Meneguzzi


Designed by Marylou Sobel



Designed by Lynda Kerry 


Designed by Lynda Kerry 



 Designed by Tamsin Johnson



Designed by Natalee Bowen 


Designed by Melinda Hartwright Interiors




Designed by Lynda Kerry



Designed by Thomas Hamel



   Designed by Woods and Warner         



Designed by Marylou Sobel  



Designed by Lynne Bradley          



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