9 Stunning Entrances from Australia's Leading Interior Designers

There is a tendency to sometimes overlook the entryway of a home. It’s one of those places that homeowners might feel like there’s not a lot they can do with it, but for designers, the entryway to a home sets the tone for the rest of the house.

We compiled 9 of our favourite entrances from designers we’ve had the pleasure of working with or interviewing. Some of the designers we feature in the below images include Amy Spargo, whose entryway design makes us feel like we’re walking into a Hamptons coastal retreat to the timeless, symmetrical design from Lisa Burdus.

From richly textured rugs to console tables accented with blue and white ginger jars and lamps, we have many of the most elegant and chic items similar to those used in these entryway inspiration pictures.


1. Amy Spargo from Maine House Interiors 


2. Lynda Kerry


3. Lisa Burdus


4. Natasha Levak


5. Natalee Bowen from Indah Island


6. Tamsin Johnson


7. Thomas Hamel



8. Lynda Kerry




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