1. Make sure to pick the right dimensions

For the most part, you will want to choose a dining chair that is wider than 43 centimetres to ensure the derriere’s comfort, particularly if you’re planning on hosting dinner parties in the future. Picking dining chairs that are around 55 centimetres in width would be ideal but don’t be afraid to choose a design that’s a little bit wider if you will be opting for ones with armrests.

Try and go for a seat that is 40 to 45 centimetres high and about 30 centimetres from the top of the table. The idea is to provide comfort as well as choose the right size so that the dining chair won’t be dwarfed by your table or room dimensions.


2. Always consider the chair shape and design

Make sure you choose the correct seat shape for your table. Generally speaking, round seats do not pair well with square or rectangular tables while dining chairs with rectangular or square seats go perfectly fine with any table shape.

For a design-safe dining chair, go for clean lines and a classic shapes. An example of that would be our Scoop Back Linen Dining Chair.

If your dining table comes with curved legs or ornate patterns, then choosing dining chairs with curved cabriole legs will work the best to tie all the designs together. Our sophisticated French Style Buttoned dining chairs would co-ordinate perfectly. 


3. Function as well as style 

Keep in mind that dining chairs can also be used for other areas of your home. A smart move is to choose a dining chair that can work in other areas as well, both in terms of design and ease of transport.  They can be used as occasional chairs in a bedroom, study, hallway or corner of a living room.

Dining chairs like our Rattan Back Linen dining chair are beautiful as stand alone occasional chairs as well as dining chairs.


4. Be smart about upholstery

If you have children or pets, choosing dining chairs that are easy to clean and can hold up to wear and tear is a must. Slipcovered dining chairs are a great idea more so if the slipcover is made from linen or cotton blend fabric which can be removed for dry cleaning.

Alternatively, go for a French bistro style dining chair, like our Oak Cross Back Dining Chair which are practical and comfortable.