3 Reasons why a Bedhead will Transform your Bedroom

Bedrooms are your very own slice of paradise where you can unwind, relax, get your much-needed rest and just chill. This is one of the main reasons why styling yours is paramount to creating a soothing sanctuary.

 So, where exactly do you start with this monumental task? Begin where styling matters most - the bed area.

High-end hotels, luxury resorts, and even the Pinterest-worthy bedrooms you see online will most likely have one thing in common in their bedrooms - a beautiful eye-catching, stylish bedhead.


Here are 3 ways a bedhead can transform your space from ordinary to undeniably special:

1.  Bedheads offer an upgraded sense of comfort

Calming colours painted on your walls, cushioned seats for those days when you just want to flop, and a large comfortable bed to lie down in when you’re ready to snooze. Sounds like the perfect formula for a bedroom right?

 Yes, but it would all be incomplete without one element - a bedhead.

Bedheads originally served a utilitarian purpose - to prevent drafts and cold from the walls from affecting the bed. While most rooms are now better heated and insulated, bedheads can still easily serve this function. Most bedheads in earlier times were made of wood, but now there are plenty of other options like metal, timber, and upholstered bedheads. 

Fabric bedheads, because of their very nature, offer you some extra softness to enjoy. Upholstered bedheads are perfect for those who like reading in bed or watching TV.  


2. Bedheads add a dose of effortless style to your room 

There are many decorating features in a space as personal as a bedroom, but if there’s one that matters the most, it would be the bed area. This serves as the focal point when you enter the bedroom.

Whether your styling theme is Hamptons or shabby-chic French farmhouse-inspired, a well-chosen bedhead brings the finishing touch to your bedroom.

Choose colors and styles that compliment the ambiance you are going for. Dark linen bedheads are perfect for sophisticated, larger spaces. Light-colored upholstered ones on the other hand are ideal for more space-limited bedrooms as the color helps visually open up the space.

Whether it be plain, curved or buttoned, a bedhead will give your bedroom a look of unassuming elegance and warmth.


3. Bedheads offer a flexible interior design backdrop

You can simply change your bed linen and throw cushions for a completely different feel and your classic bedhead will help anchor the look to make it more coherent with the rest of the room.

At Lavender Hill Interiors, you’ll find an impressive range of bedheads to suit your styling preferences and needs. We offer plain linen to buttoned, oak framed and camelback designs in a various elegant colours. Make it your first step to creating your ideal bedroom. 




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