7 Clever Tips for Styling With Throws



Adding a throw to any space is a great way to add warmth and texture to your home.  We have seven ideas to give you some inspiration to help you get started.

1. Over the arm of your chair


Left photo - Rayon Richards Interiors,
Right photo - Lavender Hill Interiors Natural Linen Buttoned Wingback Armchair  


Folding a throw blanket and putting it over the arm of a sofa or chair looks elegant and high-end. It adds depth and dimension to furniture, and it’s one of the first things that catches your eye when you walk into a room. 

Photo - Pintrest

2. Casual Draping

 Image from @cotswoldgrey


For a look that’s more comfortable and casual, you can casually drape a throw rather than folding it. You can drape it on an ottoman, bench, sofa, or chair. That gives that perfect “undone” look.


Lavender Hills Duck Egg Blue Linen Buttoned Armchair and Footstool



Left photo - Lavender Hills Bemboka throw - Angora and Wool Chain Rib
Right photo - Lavender Hills Bemboka throw - Angora and Wool Chunky Cable 


Image from Bria Hammel Interiors


You can also drape a throw at the foot of a bed.

Photo -  Gretchen Black

3. Folded Across An Ottoman or Bench

 Image - Amber Interiors


Rather than draping a blanket and putting it on an ottoman or bench, try folding it and laying it across either. This gives a tailored look and adds visual interest to either of these pieces of furniture. You can also add books or accessories on top of the throw.



 Photo - Brannen Homes


 Image via @historicalconcepts

4. Layered on Linens

If you want to add a throw to a bed and you don’t want to casually drape it, consider folding it at the foot of the bed for a tailored look.


Image via @suzannekasler 

5. In a Window Seat

If you’re lucky enough to have a window seat, add a throw blanket, making it even cosier and more inviting.


Image from Bria Hammel Interiors 


 Image from Canal Side Interiors


or a seat by a window......


Image from Barangaroo website 


6. In your bedroom

Regardless of whether you use your throw as a blanket, a throw makes a good addition to soften up a bedroom and create more livability. For example, add a throw on your bed ottoman as opposed to the bed for a chic alternative.



Left Photo - Lavender Hill - Navy Wool and Cashmere Throw  
Right Photo - Lavender Hill - Natural Wool and Cashmere Throw

7. Use them as decor pieces

Finally another great way to style your throws while you are not using them in the summer months is to add them in a basket underneath your console table.

Photo -  Remington Ranch Farmhouse


 Or simply use them in an entryway for stylish decor.

Image from @farmhouse_unique 


 Bria Hammel Interiors pink


Choose from cotton, wool/Angora, wool/cashmere or luxe pure cashmere and create texture, warmth and layering in your Hamptons space.


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