Setting the Tone with Your Entryway

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It only makes sense that you want your entryway to be as beautiful as the rest of your home. This is the introduction that your guests have to your home, and it sets the tone for everything else.


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So how do you design an impeccable, Hamptons-style entryway?


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If your space is large enough and allows for it, consider adding a round table in the center. You can then have a floral display here. It’s very grand when you have an entryway table, and the table is its own focal point.


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If your space is more narrow, and is unable to hold a centrally-located table, consider a console table. You can use it as a place to display a beautiful vase, and it can also be functional. Beneath a console table, add storage baskets.



Left: Image from Cintrine Living,   Right: Image from Farmhouse Unique 


Another way to have both a beautiful and functional entryway is to create a seating area with a bench or a pair of chairs.


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A rug or runner is almost always a must-have in any entryway.  Woven and natural materials can withstand a lot of foot traffic in an entryway.


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Adding a mirror can bring more light into the space, particularly if it’s otherwise dark, and open up the entryway, creating the illusion that it’s larger.

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As far as lighting, there are so many options. You can have a hanging chandelier or use your console table as a place for a pair of classically beautiful lamps.



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Entryways also lend themselves well to using sconce lighting, particularly above a console table.


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Use your entryway to showcase what visitors can expect as far as the rest of your beautiful home.


Image via Farmhouse Charm 


 Left:  Farmhouse Unique,  Right:  @beckiown, photo Em Redfield


Let your entryway create an atmosphere that you’ll carry throughout every other room so that when people step in, there’s an immediate “wow factor.”

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