10 Luxe Hamptons Style Bathrooms You Will Love | And 6 Design Elements to Inspire You

Creating a Hamptons-Inspired Bathroom Oasis

In the world of interior design, the bathroom has become a central point of focus in recent years. No longer are bathrooms seen primarily as utilitarian and functional—they’re seen as a space to create an oasis and your own spa-like retreat in your home.

A Hamptons aesthetic particularly lends itself to that spa sensibility because of the light and airy colourpalettes, the use of beautiful, quality natural materials, and the overall elegance of this design style.

When creating a Hamptons-inspired bathroom, central things to consider includethe colourpalette, the materials that will be used, and the vanity and tub or shower that will be included.

Consider the following design tips to create an elegant bathroom, inspired by the coastal homes of the Hamptons:

No. 1

Hamptons design style is about creating a home that’s comfortable and inviting. A spacious soaking tub is often what you notice first when you walk in. A large, white tub adds a sense of timeless elegance, and it’s also a place where you may find that you spend a lot of time.

Image via Architectural Digest

No. 2

Hamptons design style tends to embrace classic white cabinetry, but you can also go with something a bit different and still keep it in line with Hamptons style. For example, a navy or light blue vanity can work well, or a vanity painted a light shade of grey.

Shaker-style doors are a classic choice, accentuated with chrome or nickel pulls. Using gold hardware can be a different but equally beautiful approach in a bathroom. This also integrates a bit of French style.

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No. 3

As far as tiles, different options canbe included in a Hamptons bathroom. Subway tile is always a classic choice, and laying tiles in different patterns such as herringbone or basketweave can create visual interest and texture. Tile might be used on the shower floor, shower walls, the backsplash, or even be usedalong the main walls of the bathroom.

Image via Mark Williams Design Associates

Image via House Beautiful

No. 4

Sconce lighting above a vanity makes for a beautiful, soft feel and it also feels timeless.

Image via Architectural Digest

No. 5

As far as materials, natural materials always tend to be cohesive with Hamptons style. For example, marble, timber floors, and the introduction of woven elements can be beautiful.

Image via Architectural Digest

Image via Architectural Digest

No. 6

    Finally, when you’re designing a Hamptons bathroom, think about the details as well. Rugs warm up a bathroom and add layers. Soft, decadent bath towels and linens also create warmth, as do additions such as flowers in a simple vase, or an upholstered bench where you can place towels or have seating when necessary. Woven baskets can also create storage in a Hamptons bathroom.

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    Image via Architectural Digest 


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