French Provincial Style - Relaxed Elegance for your Living Room

The living room is a home’s oasis, primary ‘conference room’, and favorite spot for rest and recreation. Investing in its look and ambiance is an absolute necessity. What better living room environment to create than one that’s both comfortable and practical, yet chic and elegant?

An interior decorating favorite the world over is the French provincial style, which offers all this in spades.

This styling concept takes you to the rolling hills and plains of rural France, and into the quaint homes of the hardworking villagers. The concept is inspired by beautiful provincial centres like Provence, taking into account the breathtaking landscapes and the relaxed but colourful lifestyle.

Read on and discover how you can make your central space at home echo the idyllic and effortlessly elegant beauty of provincial France.


1. Neutrals and soft shades make the perfect palette

The beautiful French countryside may be alive with the colours of nature, but the interior decorating concept it inspires tones down the rich hues and delves instead into calmer neutrals like whites, neutrals, creams, and oatmeal. These versatile tones should be the colours of choice for most of the room through furniture and fabric covers.

Accent colours are also in relatively muted shades of duck egg blues, greens, and neutrals. 


2. Whitewashed and time-worn pieces are must-haves

The heart of French provincial decorating is the distinct look of furniture used to create that laid-back country feel. White-washed surfaces with distressed textures deliver the ideal balance of shabby and chic in this interior styling theme.

Inspired by the idea of old-world beauty and time-defying tradition, French provincial decorating welcomes the look of deep wooden grooves, fading paint, and even a slight chip here and there on ceramic accents. You can achieve the charming look of Provencal homes in your living room by choosing a centre table and sofa that gives off that French country vibe effortlessly. Those with cabriole legs or graceful scalloped curves will enhance the quiet sophistication you are going for. 


For metallic decor, forget the shiny silver and golds - aim for more of an old-world charm with burnished bronze. Natural or organic decor, like those made of wood, rattan, or weaved fabric offer a better complement for the classic colours.


More often than not, French provincial accents are not just decorative, but also serve a useful purpose in the room. For example, raffia baskets can be used as living room storage for items like remote controls and house keys. 


3. Tufting

Tufted furniture with button detailing is a definitive feature of French Provincial style. Tufted furniture feels both elegant and full of old world charm, and it also adds that sense of detail that French style so often embraces.


Lavender Hill Interiors brings the time-worn elegance of Provence into your living room, today. Our French Provincial living room can be purchased as a fully styled suite or choose individual pieces to compliment your own decor.


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