The Ultimate Hamptons Dining Table

The key elements of quintessential Hamptons design often revolve not only around the aesthetics of the furniture and the overall décor concept, but also on a feeling that each item in a space is well-loved, durable, and part of the lives and history of the people who live there.

Classic Hamptons furniture isn’t just visually stunning, but it tells a story year after year.


Capturing those elements were essential in the design of one this dining table. There is something in the feel of this dining table that lets you know it has the ability to instantly become part of the story of the people who use it. It’s expansive, with ample seating for entertaining and family gatherings, so it has the potential to become the place in a person’s home where they spend time laughing, sharing and catching up.

This dining table is also designed with an inherent sense of sturdiness and longevity, so it will last for years and years, and continue to be used and well-loved.

The large, thick, wood rectangular top features clean lines and depth, which is nicely juxtaposed against the curving, carved detail of the base of the table. This wood trestle table is crafted with a light-toned wood, ideal for maintaining an airy, Hamptons-inspired colour palette.


This versatile table can be paired with metal dining chairs for a more contemporary, industrial feel, cross-back dining chairs to create a sense of cottage-like rustic charm, or upholstered chairs for refined comfort. Another option that would work well with this Hamptons trestle table would be slipcovered chairs, for breezy, chic, casual elegance.

It’s ultimately up to you how to style this table, offering the utmost in beautiful craftsmanship and statement-creating durability. 



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