Hamptons decorating ideas with Rattan Trays

Our new whitewash rattan tray is a chic, decorative piece and can be used in almost any room of the house. We love it because of its' simple beauty and elegance and the natural texture of the woven rattan.

Decorative trays are often an integral part of both Hamptons and French interior design style, and they can bring together a grouping of decor pieces in a cohesive way, making more of a statement than you might initially realize.

Use a rattan tray on a coffee table or ottoman, on a console table, or a bathroom counter. You have different styling options available to you, and you can change it up at will. For example, you can keep it simple and clean with a few strategically placed items, or you can layer pieces for more of an impact.

We’ve styled it a few different ways to give you some ideas you may want to use yourself.

We love incorporating marble pears with the beautiful coffee table books and adding a bunch of blue hydrangeas, or coral for a truly coastal and naturally-inspired feel.

As you’re experimenting, you can find the perfect combination of just what you’re looking for.

Here we used simple pears arranged alongside a small blue and white ginger jar.

Another option that works on an ottoman or coffee table is a stack of books, a blue and white bird, and a lovely hydrangea arrangement.

 Browse our range of decor pieces below and create your own Hamptons style vignette.


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