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Metricon is an award-winning home building company that works to encapsulate the Australian lifestyle. Along with a focus on quality, Metricon’s story goes back to 1976. Since then, they’ve been creating beautiful, light-filled, family-friendly and functional homes. The core design philosophy with Metricon is flexibility and interior spaces that work well within the exterior of the home as well for great flow and livability.

We recently had the opportunity to speak with Ricky D'Alesio, Design Leader at Metricon Homes and learn more about their home designs and how they work beautifully with Hamptons design.


1. What are the key design elements in a Hamptons style home?

“Hamptons-styling originates from the architecture and interiors of beach homes in the Hamptons, the Long Island seaside mecca for affluent New Yorkers.

“A Hamptons style home is all about understated elegance and timeless sophistication.

“In Australia, we’ve given Hamptons styling our own unique spin -  it’s less formal to suit the relaxed Australian lifestyle. A Hamptons style home in Australia should evoke the feeling of an endless summer holiday.

“Hamptons style homes built by Metricon also feature all of the contemporary living inclusions Australian’s expect from their homes today.”


“Weatherboards are a key element of Hamptons styling. You can’t have a Hamptons inspired home without them. Weatherboards lend themselves beautifully to other façade details such as gabled roofs, picture windows, shingles, stone columns and decorative shutters.

“The weatherboard façade of a Hamptons style home is traditionally painted in coastal inspired tones of muted grey, sand and pale blue. Crisp white paint is used to contrast and call out window frames, eaves, doors, gable vents, batten detailing, balustrades and other decorative façade features.

“Stone is also seen in many Hamptons inspired facades – most commonly in entry columns supporting a pitched roof.”


“Hamptons style roofs are gabled and pitched, which means that they’re pointed with eaves (overhang). The degree of pitch can vary.

“Roofs can be slate, tiles, shingles or metal. In modern Australian homes with Hamptons inspired design, you won’t typically see a lot of slate roofing as it’s a very delicate and expensive material to install. Flat profile roof tiles can give the same effect for a fraction of the cost. 

“Our Signature by Metricon Bayville home can be built with a tiled or Colourbond roof. Both look beautiful.

“Visible guttering is common on a Hamptons style roof and is often installed in a contrasting colour as a design feature.”


“Windows are a prominent feature in a Hamptons style home. Round, porthole, dormer and arched windows are common as are multi-paned windows.

“Hamptons styling is all about maximising light so having lots of windows is integral to getting this look right. Windows can be shuttered (internal and external) or left plain with simple roman blinds or sheer curtains.”

Front Door

“The front door of a Hampton’s style home needs to pack a punch and should ideally be made from solid timber. A beautiful oak door with glass panelling like the one we have at the Bayville works well. 

“Some people choose to paint their front door in a feature colour like a dark blue or deep grey. Glass panes to each side of the front door work well, as do decorative mouldings to achieve the Hamptons’ look.”



“Balustrades are used externally and internally to achieve the Hamptons look. You can incorporate them externally if you have decks or balconies- they’re a beautiful design detail.

“Internally, you can use balustrades to create links between floors incorporating them in voids instead of solid plaster or glass. And of course, using timber balustrades on staircases can be a great way to create impact internally.”


“The neutral palette of a Hampton’s style home extends to interiors. Opt for coastal colours and keep ceilings, cornices and skirtings white. It’s important to keep interiors light-filled.


“Hamptons detailing inside a home can include wide-panelled timber flooring in warm tones, timber-lined ceilings, moulded skirting boards and cornices.

“We’ve also started incorporating exposed beams into the interiors of our homes. Metricon’s recently opened Davenport 30 home in Warragul in Victoria shows the impact a timber-lined cathedral ceiling can have in creating light-filled spaces.

Get the look with Lavender Hill





“We keep our interiors modern in Metricon’s Hamptons inspired homes and reference the origins of the theme in details like white marble-look benchtops, decorative tapware and wrought iron hardware, and glass-paned kitchen cabinetry. Decorative pendant lighting also provides focal points in rooms and can contribute to the classic design aesthetic.”

2. Are there particular house plans that reflect a Hamptons style home?

“We have a number of homes that incorporate Hamptons styling elements. The most talked about of these is the Bayville – a home in our Signature by Metricon range.

“Some of the many other Hamptons inspired Metricon homes are the Davenport 30 with Whitehaven façade, the Metro with Stamford façade and the Vantage with Atlantic façade.”


Davenport 30 With Whitehaven Façade

Metro with Stamford Façade

Vantage With Atlantic Façade.

3. Why do you think Australians are drawn to this design aesthetic?

“I think Australians are embracing this aesthetic because the coastal lifestyle is so familiar to us. Nearly all of us have had some sort of beach experience so this style of home is relatable.

“Also, if you look at the style of many Australian period homes – like Californian bungalows, Queenslanders and even some Victorian weatherboard homes, the correlation in the design style is there. Hamptons styling builds on what Australian’s already know and love.”

4. What do you think sets you apart from other building companies regarding Hamptons style homes?

“At Metricon we think it’s important to interpret the Hamptons look with contemporary Australian eyes so it’s not a complete replica of a period home.

“I think we do Hamptons styling better than others because we marry the best aesthetic elements of the style with the design principles Metricon is renowned for – thoughtful space-planning, functionality and liveability. We look at the styling as a way to complement the design outcome rather than dictate it.”

5. Where can customers find you?

Customers can find us via our website

Visiting one of the many display homes we have around the country is a great way to see and experience Metricon designs and build quality.

We encourage people at all stages of their new build journey to subscribe to our regular e-newsletters via the website to follow trends, building advice and styling tips.

And, we have very dynamic social media channels – Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest.

We are also contactable by telephone at 1800 661 935.


Metricon is going to carry on their legacy of innovation and at the same time refinement with their lovely home designs and their underlying philosophy.


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