How to create Hamptons Coastal Style Using 5 Simple Design Rules

Lavender Hill Interiors - Blue Hamptons lamp


The Hamptons, an exclusive, seaside resort community on New York’s Long Island, is synonymous with understated coastal luxury and cosy comfort.  Follow these 5 simpledesign rules to create this relaxed style in your own home. 



Navy Roll Armchair with white piping - Lavender Hill Interiors  


The Hampton's style derives its’ timeless elegance from the use of the classic blue-and-white colour scheme. It’s underscored with neutral accents which perfectly captures the sand-and-ocean soul of the beach.



 Left: Jute Rug - Lavender Hill Interiors, Right: Resin Coral from Lavender Hill Interiors


In your design style you’re going for a breezy, sea-side ambiance, so opt for an all-white or neutral backdrop.


 Duck Egg Blue Linen Roll Arm Sofa - Lavender Hill Interiors


Then dress the room with generously placed blue furniture accents and decor items. It might be a ceramic stool by the armchair or a faux blue hydrangea in a statement blue vase. It might even be a mountain of gorgeous blue cushions against a stunning neutral-hued sofa. Blue and white Chinoiserie is another commonly found decor element in Hamptons style interiors.



Left: Lavender Hill Interiors Duck Egg Blue Linen Wingback Armchair
Right: Lavender Hill Interiors 50cm Dynasty Jar


 Lavender Hill Interiors - Hamptons Sofa


2. Emphasize Natural Light

    Strategically placed windows are another important staple of Hamptons style interior design. The idea is to bring as much natural light into the space as possible. Frame your large windows with billowing sheer white curtains.



    Lavender Hill Interiors Duck Egg Blue Linen with white frame Bobbin Armchair


    Pro tip:For homes that don’t have as many windows or feature smaller ones, there are tricks to make the available natural light as far-reaching as possible. These include placing beautiful wall mirrors in strategic places which will reflect the light.



     Lavender Hil Interiors White Hamptons Mirrors


     3. Statement Furniture Pieces

      Hampton's style homes often feature oversized statement furniture pieces. This imbues an inherent sense of comfort and invitation within the room. Often, you’ll see an oversized armchair that’s laden with blue and white cushions and throws.

      Lavender Hill Interiors - Striped Linen Roll Armchair



      Lavender Hill Interiors - Rattan Wingback Armchair

      4. Natural accents

        Include some natural accents within your Hamptons-style interior which will act as a tertiary colour scheme and infuse textural organic elements into your design.

        They can be in the form of accent furniture pieces as well as decor pieces. A small rattan armchair by an oak side table, an oversized natural linen armchair beside a large blue sofa - both of them will beautifully contrast each other. 



        Lavender Hill Interiors - Small Rattan Armchair

         Lavender Hill Interiors Natural Linen Roll Armchair


        Alternatively rattan baskets or rattan trays are a great option as natural organic décor pieces which enhance the styling of a room with the furniture.


        Lavender Hill Interiors - Rattan Basked under 3 drawer White Console table


        Lavender Hill Interiors - Rattan tray (rectangle). Also in Square different sizes available.
        Pictured also with Marble Pear, Assorted Coffee table books and Suri Vase - all available at Lavender Hill Interiors

        5. Cosy Throws

          Lastly, you’ll need some cosy throws to pull everything together. Plush and sumptuous fabrics have the ability to imbue a sense of relaxation within your Hamptons space, and that’s exactly what you’re opting for here.

          Lavender Hill Interiors - Blue Cashmere throw photographed with Lavender Hill Interiors Dynasty Ceramic Stool



          Bemboka Chunky Cable Knit throw - available at Lavender Hill Interiors


          Chunky cable-knit throws look positively stunning when draped across the arm of the sofa or messily arranged at the end of a bed. Cashmere throws, have a luxe and elegant feel and work beautifully draped over armchair sides and back for a sophisticated look.


          We hope this guide helps you emulate Hamptons coastal style in your own space.  Click through the photos in the blog to connect to the page on the website.





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