Secrets to a Chic Living Room According to 9 Influential Interior Designers

The concept of a living room can mean different things to different people. From a place to entertain to the most comfortable and lived-in room of your home where everyone inherently seems to find themselves at the end of the day, a living room is undoubtedly a multi-purpose space that should reflect your family’s lifestyle, but also your style and aesthetic.

We gathered some of the most notable interior designers and influencers and asked them what the most pivotal elements of a well-designed living room are from their perspective.

This includes Adelaide Bragg’s love of a comfortable feather and down sofa, to Mary Lou Sobel’s desire to create calm, inviting spaces with rich textures and strong proportions, the following highlight what it is that truly creates the ideal living room. These designers have named some of their favourite must-have pieces of furniture, as well as their overall objectives they strive for when working on these spaces.


When I begin to contemplate the design of a living room, I always begin with an area rug as it sets the stage for the remainder of the room and ties everything together. A fireplace is a great consideration to create a focal point, and then of course comes comfortable upholstered pieces.


The easiest way to make your house look instantly more chic is to de-clutter it. I know it’s hard with the amount of stuff kids bring home and I am constantly fighting the battle myself but by having storage spots for everything and keeping on top of the clutter your home looks so much better for it.

You can also achieve a stylish look with cushions and artwork from cheap stores. These days you can make your house look really on trend and still stick to a budget. 


I think comfort is incredibly important, a feather and down filled sofa which you can sink into, ottomans to rest your feet on, small tables to balance a cup of tea or a drink , beautiful lamps both table and standard to add colour and a change of texture and a little shine. I love a good 'tablescape' on a coffee table or ottoman, made up with trays, coffee table books and small accessories.
Sisal rugs on the floor. I like rooms to have highs and lows so everything is not sitting on one level, this can be achieved by adding bookcases, different height chairs and standard lamps. I believe this all makes the layers, adds the interest and tells a story about the people living in the house. 

Seating that invites you to create conversation. Be creative with your occassional chairs, be bold with fabric and cushions. 

Artwork is vital as it says so much about the style of a room and it must be the right size for the wall that it sits on.  Family photos are beautiful but not chic.
Big comfortable sofas, lots of lamp lighting, a great mirror and if you can, a good antique!
Luxury, comfort, good strong proportions, texture, layering, good lighting, (dimmers) a calm and inviting ambience. Art or sculpture, something that draws one in. wow factor. Strong aesthetic.



A rug, whether a textured sisal or a one-off silk Persian rug really completes a space.



Dimmers and a beautiful vintage rug to ground the setting.  After 25, let's face it, we all need a little help from the lighting, so the ability to dim the lights and create a focused area is vital.  
I love the history, texture and colour that come from beautiful vintage rugs.  A great rug can make unmatched parts feel like a whole and bring both luxury and imperfection, necessary for any inviting chic living room.

Your living room can be that part of your home that embodies your lifestyle. There are essential elements that go into the creation of the living room that’s perfect for you, from well-proportioned, durable and beautifully made furniture to tables that provide a place to rest a cup of tea or a favourite book.

We hope that you found inspiration in our designers’ visions of what it means to plan a beautiful living room from their perspective. 



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