Felicia Aroney's 9 Secrets to Choosing & Hanging Art

If you’ve ever walked into a room and thought something doesn’t feel right in the design and aesthetics, but you can’t put your finger on it, there’s often one culprit.

Everything from the flooring and furniture to the accessories may be perfect, but if the art is hung incorrectly, it can change the way you perceive the room, and it can throw everything off.

When art is chosen and hung correctly, it can be one of the most important aspects of interior design. However, when it’s done incorrectly, it can also diminish the appeal of a room.

Artist Felicia Aroney discusses some of the biggest mistakes people often make when it comes to choosing and hanging art, and how to remedy these issues. 


No 1

The most common error when hanging art is hanging work too high. The midpoint of the artwork should be eye level, approximately 155cm from the ground. 


No 2

Another common error people tend to make is placing small paintings on large walls. The painting will appear awkward with so much negative space around it.

If you have a large wall and do not have a large artwork, you are best to create a collage of small pieces grouped together.


No 3

There are two methods in choosing art for your home. The first one is selecting pieces that obviously compliments your home. You may chose a genre, style and colour scheme that incorporates your interior. I myself am currently collaborating with “Lavender Hill Interiors”. 

We have developed a beautiful blue palette complimenting both their Hamptons / French style furnishings and my limited edition Giclee prints.

The second way of selecting artwork for your home is not necessarily considering your decor, but rather purchasing art you resonate with. This method particularly applies to people with an extensive art collection.



No 4

I recommend mixing up different forms of art. Original paintings on canvas, sculptures, photography and limited edition prints. If you have a limited budget, limited edition Giclee prints are a great way to start an art collection. They are still a genuine art investment and a wonderful way to fill wall space.

Look at the new “West Hamptons” Giclee range available at


No 5

When installing work, I recommend drilling two nails horizontally parallel to one another. This is the best way to ensure the art does not “bounce” off the wall or tip to one side. It will sit securely in place. Another tip is applying blue tac to the inside bottom corners and press the canvas gently into the wall.

The painting will never move.

No 6

Always buy art that you love. It`s not only an investment, but you will be stuck looking at it day in and day out. Don`t rush.

 No 7

Art should not be limited to obvious spaces such as entrances, hallways, above consoles and bedheads. Art work in powder rooms and kitchens is trending.

No 8

Art is a wonderful way to give your home personality. It definitely makes a statement about yourself and your home. 


No 9

Paintings don't always need to be hung. It's also lovely to rest pieces above mantels and fireplaces and small works look creative when placed in bookshelves amongst other treasures.


Once you’ve followed Felicia’s tips, you’ll see that moving art just slightly can completely revamp the look and feel of any room.

It will allow your room not only to come together well, but these tips provide you with the optimal way to showcase and enjoy your art collection as an integral aspect of your home design.




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