Stunningly crafted Bamileke Tables and 4 Ways to Use them in Your Home

In both Hamptons and French interior design, there’s a big focus on rich textures and the integration of naturally-inspired materials and pieces. Something that captures these concepts well are Bamileke tables, which are stunningly crafted by the Bamileke tribe in Cameroon.

There are so many unique elements to love about these focal piece tables, including the fact that each one is carved from a single tree trunk.

Each has its' own character and unique features, and they centre a room design with elements of natural, one-of-a-kind beauty. They’re also great for adding organic texture into a Hamptons or French-inspired design aesthetic where the colour palette is primarily neutral, but you want deep, rich textures to add visual interest.

These tables have intricate carvings not easily replicated, with their basketweave designs, modeled after ceremonial stools used by the Bamileke tribe.

Along with their beauty derived from nature and craftsmanship, these pieces are also great because of their versatility. We have them available in three different colours and seven sizes. This offers the opportunity to style them in a variety of ways, ranging from purely decorative to fully functional.

Here are 4 ways you can use Bamileke tables in your home.

1. Group several of the smaller sizes together (of the same or different sizes) to create a coffee table, or you can use one of the larger sized tables as a coffee table on its own. (Photo below left is artist Felicia Aroney with her Bamileke tables from Lavender Hill).


Photos: Pinterest


2. They work beautifully as bedside tables, with the rustic designs pairing perfectly with the linens of a comfortable, chic bed. In this configuration, you can also go with a single larger size, or have two of differing sizes placed together.


Photos: Pinterest


3. Bamileke tables work well as side tables to a sofa and they also are the perfect ottoman or stool for a layered, dimensional furniture arrangement in a living area.


Black Bamileke from Lavender Hill Interiors

4. You can also use them to style an outdoor living area, under cover.


Photo: Restoration Hardware                           Photo: Pinterest


These multi-tasking tables are the ideal way to infuse something that’s exceptional into your home. In a time where furnishings are so often lacking in individuality, these carved tables stand on their own and make a statement.




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