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Are you working from home? Are you now in a position where you have yourself, your partner and maybe a few children working from your kitchen bench and dining table?  Read on to gain some inspiration on how you can make some changes to your 'work from home' space.

Working from home is now part of our lives.  Having children sharing your workspace at home is not only possibly cramping your style, but its perhaps cluttering your space?



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Your workspace is important - you want it to be comfortable and functional as well as be a place that reflects your style and allows you to feel organised for you and the others in your home.





Whether it be a nook under stairs, (or even on the stair landing), a desk added to your bedroom or if you are lucky enough to have a dedicated office space in your home, you need to be surrounded by lovely pieces that will help give you a good mindset to do your best work.



Left: Well Nested Home.  Right: Early Settler Home

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The desk is undoubtedly the focal point of your workspace. Ensure that your desk is inviting and your seat comfortable.


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Consider an upholstered chair; these can work well to add a stylish look as well as comfort in your workspace - as can an armchair.


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Consider lighting.  If possible create your space within a natural light flow area.  It never feels good walking into a space thats gloomy and dimly lit.  If you can see the outdoors and have natural light, it will allow for a calm and productive workspace.



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Add a lamp to allow extra light when working later into the evening as well as to add a layered look to your space.



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Add accessories that appeal to you. Such as Ginger Jars, marble ornaments or vases with fresh flowers. Ensure that there is artwork on a wall space, or at least a photo of loved ones close by.



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A rug under foot can define your space as well as add a comfort factor and an appealing look to your workspace.


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Your defined area doesn’t have to be large, just a space set for you. Try allowing each member of your household to create their own space. This lockdown period may be for quite some time yet. Allow comfort therefore productivity to flow in your home.


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