Striped Armchairs Always Have a Home in Hamptons Design

 Lavender Hill's own new Roll Armchair and footstool in our new blue striped linen


With the introduction of our beautiful new, blue ticking striped linen roll armchair,  we’re especially excited to celebrate these chairs in Hamptons design.   

Lavender Hill's own Wingback armchair in our new striped linen fabric


Striped armchairs are a classic staple in Hamptons and coastal design, and our new pieces reflect this style.


Customer from Sydney showcasing her Blue Striped Linen Roll Armchair from Lavender Hill Interiors


Our newly introduced armchairs feature ticking stripe fabric. Ticking stripe fabric has long been used for its utilitarian benefits, but in the 1940s, it became iconic in high-end interior design thanks to Sister Parish.

She started introducing the striped fabric in New York City sitting rooms, and now classic designs often still integrate it.


Image via Pinterest

Image via Pier 1


Ticking stripes and striped fabric, in general, are versatile and can help you bring a sense of refined balance to a room.


Image from Bria Hammel and Spacecrafting photography


Image from the Fox Group


Armchairs are such a great style of furniture in the Hamptons home because not only do they look inviting, they go well in pairs, creating the symmetry this design style is known for.  

With armchairs, you can make seating arrangements that promote conversation in a living area.



Left image - Megan Ballarini    Right image Serena and Lily


Image from Colefax & Fowler


Classic blue-and-white stripes is a particular favorite in Hampton's design because it feels coastal and nautical.



Left image: Apartment Therapy. Right image:

You can also add a striped armchair to a sunroom or in a corner nook of a bedroom or den for a cozy comforting look. It’s not just versatility in the striped fabric but also in how you can use an armchair that makes them so perfect.

Image via Homebeautiful
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Image: The Pottery Barn
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Create your own cozy Hamptons style corner in your living room with our new and current living room pieces. 


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