The Enduring Appeal of Verandas and How We Choose to Furnish Them

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If you’ve ever visited the Hamptons, perhaps something you noticed at many of the homes was a picturesque veranda.



Left image - Tommy Agridimas photography,   Right - Pinterest


There’s a reason they’re prominent in the Hamptons design. The entire idea of the Hamptons is that you’re enjoying the outdoors and natural beauty.

Image - Photographer unknown, via Pinterest


In Hamptons-inspired interior design, there’s often a coming together with nature and a blurring of the indoors and outdoors.


 Left Image - Lily Pad Cottage.  Right Image - Smiros Architects (Long Island)


 Image - Playa Grand Beach Club in the Dominican Republic


A beautiful veranda isn’t just a style choice. It’s functional and gives you an open-air living space for entertaining or relaxing.


Image from the Cottage Journal

Image - Eric Piasecki

 Image - Serena and Lily

As you design your veranda, think about how you can envision spending time there.  Consider a seating area that’s comparable in comfort to your interior living area.

Image - French Coastal Home

Image - Tuxedo Farmhouse 

You can use club chairs or even a hanging seat.  Consider adding an overhead fan to keep the air circulating in the summer months.  You can think about using ambient lighting concepts to create the atmosphere that will enhance the space.  



Left Image -  My Georgia House   Right Image - Geritage Woodworks WY 

 Image - Farmhouse Ideas


As well as thinking about the ceiling, think about the flooring of your space.  By adding rugs or a tile with colour flowing from the interior of the house it will blend the outdoor space to the internal rooms of the home.


 Image from House and Garden


 Image - Greg Natale via Coastal Hamptons Style


In addition, create cosiness and warmth in the winter months with rugs, throws and cushions and as an extra luxury - a fireplace.  Add greenery to embrace the outdoor environment.



Image - Finch and Hepburn


Image - Suzanne Kasler

Image -  Chris and Windham


Image - photographer unknown via Pinterest


At the end of the day, you want to feel, whether you are on your own, or with guests, that you are able to enjoy a wonderful evening, or have enjoyed a perfect day whilst sitting on your veranda.  The furniture you choose to do this, will reflect the home that you have created.


Photo via @farmhouseunique



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