The Elegance of Iron and Glass doors

Doors and windows in our home can be an art form in themselves. Iron and glass doors and windows in particular represent this perfectly.  

We have curated a selection of beautiful homes that use iron and glass doors and windows as an architectural feature.  


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 Left image: Suzanne Kasler Interior designer.  Right image: via House Beautiful

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Iron and glass doors is an enduring style that you frequently see in some of the most beautiful historic estates.


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Image:  Pamela Pierce 


These doors work well for interior and exterior uses, and they add some visual drama and style to any space without taking away from an overall aesthetic that’s refined and elegant.


 Image via @atelier_am_inc


Left Image: Riverwood Building Company.   Right Image via Pinterest


It can be a great way to add a custom look to a standard builder-grade interior or exterior door, and there’s a stunning pop of contrast if your home is primarily white or neutral.


 Left Image: Pinterest   Right Image: Luxe Magazine


 If the rest of your interior design style is somewhat soft or feminine, adding iron and glass doors and windows can give just a hint of masculinity, too, for balance.



Image: Riverwood Building Company 

Image: @terreostudio


We love the use of not only traditional-style iron and glass doors, but for an even more dramatic effect, the addition of an arched shape or doors that go to the ceiling are a striking feature.



Left Image:  Pinterest.  Right Image:  Via House Beuatiful 

 Image: via Pinterest


Let the light in and allow your styling to be led by these stunning architectural features.  


 Left image via Architectural Digest 
 Image: Atlanta Homes Magazine

 Image: Marco Meneguzzi

 Image:  Pinterest


Home of Ashton Kutcher andMila Kunis via Architectural Digest


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