Bobbin Chairs

Bobbin Chair

With Lavender Hill’s Hamptons bobbin armchairs, enter a world of timeless beauty and coastal refinement. These gorgeous pieces of furniture create an ambiance of comfort and elegance by skillfully fusing the fine detailing of bobbin chairs with the unique Hamptons charm. Lavender Hill Interiors makes it easy to decorate your home in the relaxed and breezy Hamptons style, and have brought together a beautiful selection of Hamptons bobbin chairs for sale to browse.
Our Bobbin Hamptons Style Armchair is a luxurious handmade armchair. This is one of the most classic and popular Hamptons style armchairs and makes a stunning addition to any space.


How To Style Hamptons Bobbin Chairs

Adding Hamptons bobbin armchairs to your house is a lovely way to add a little bit of classic elegance. Consider putting a couple of these chairs in a comfortable nook where the bobbin detailing will be the focal point. As an alternative, arrange them in a conversation-starting seating configuration around our Hamptons coffee table! For a cohesive look choose fabric that complements the existing furniture of your living room. We have solid linen bobbin chairs for a minimalistic look or striped designs for a statement piece. Incorporate soft furnishings like throw blankets or a floral cushion for added comfort and a touch of personal style. Check out our complete Hamptons living room furniture collection to find more styling ideas! For extra cosiness, finish the ensemble with simple wall art or other Hamptons decor. Achieving a balance between classic elegance and laid-back Hamptons vibes is crucial when arranging our Hamptons bobbin chairs, resulting in a room that radiates sophistication and visual appeal!


What To Consider When Buying Bobbin Chairs

When considering the purchase of bobbin chairs, several key factors should guide your decision to ensure a satisfying and harmonious addition to your space. Consider the location you would like your Hamptons bobbin armchair to go. You might want a small one for a reading corner in your bedroom or a few more to increase the amount of seats in your living room. Lavender Hill has a variety of Hamptons-style bobbin chairs to fit any kind of space! Sizing is another important consideration. If your room is restricted, it is better to choose something smaller. Bobbin chairs have a high back and require more space. It is important to remember that the goal is to open up a room, not make it feel more cramped.

Hamptons bobbin armchairs are often crafted from high-quality materials such as solid wood, ensuring durability and longevity. The choice of finishes ranges from natural wood tones to distressed or painted finishes, allowing for customization to suit individual preferences. Choose a material that goes with your existing decor. We have bobbin chairs in both oak and white furnishings! The last thing to consider with Bobbin chairs is maintenance. Fabric Armchairs and Linen Armchairs can often be harder to clean, therefore, if you’re buying an armchair that's for everyday use it might be better to opt for something easier to clean such as Rattan Armchairs. Bobbin chairs are more decorative and perfect for something that's for decorative uses. Lavender Hill has a range of bobbin chairs for sale that can accentuate any space, place two bobbin armchairs, opposite your Hamptons sofa and see how it unfolds into a place for both entertaining and comfort!


Bobbin Armchairs Australia Wide!

At Lavender Hill shop our bobbin chairs Australia wide to accentuate the aesthetics and furniture in your home. Each design has been created to suit whatever style, colours and textures you desire. You can either purchase individual pieces to add to your existing set or whole collection! Shop our entire range of Hamptons Armchairs, combining chic design, comfort and longevity.


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